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Dr Michael Dixon: 'There is a crisis in general practice'

Dr Michael Dixon on the growing crisis in general practice, methods of increasing self care and why GPs are not to blame for the pressure on A&E departments.

Dr Dixon spoke with senior journalist Sofia Lind at the College of Medicine conference.

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  • Response from the public:Good,serves you lazy fat cats right.You're still paid too much.Let's cut it more

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  • response from GP to public.

    nobody is applying for the GP jobs now. a pay cut will make this worse.not my job to keep the show running at expense of my own sanity.

    the NHS is nearing collapse

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  • Public response-the Partners have taken a pay cut if you read again its admin staff that are in the dole queue cut it more?????

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  • Yes. "I've had to reduce my drawings by 20%, and sack my receptionist." won't cause a rush of sympathy.

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  • yes ive cut my opening hours
    yes ive cut appointments
    yes ive cut all the things i used to do upaid like minor injuries, bandages and blood tests
    yes ive cut the doctors appointment s
    yes ive cut the nurses appointments

    might on the other hand worry the public, and the other more expensive parts of the nhs that will have to pick up the slack, probably costing vastly more than the 65 poundds A YEAR we charge a single patinet for the whole service

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  • do not target receptionist who are not well paid and helped you through thick and thin and rely on this income for survival. gp income drop will not lead them to starve. gp is in such strong position to open lots of other avenue to increase income but staff have none.
    hard working gp's may have no impact. .
    nhs had many changes over years, i never had problem finding alternative source of income.
    targeting staff is saying "i do not want want to cut my income,i will make you redundant"

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  • amount of GP applicants if you cut pay -nil.
    have you tried recruiting lately. I have

    if you cut the pay of GPs they go abroad -(there is a massive shortage of GPs) and the practice shuts and everyone gets made redundant.It will be happening soon all over the country.
    unfortunately , fair or not fair, that is the situation we are in

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  • The thought that communities actually exist is questionable at least!

    The current Government's disruption in the NHS, as well as the current Bedroom Tax, undermines anyone who is forced to move away from their support networks of years or even decades.

    Nice thought but hopeless task!

    Slight bleet... Sound quality poor and no lighting, & camera work second rate!

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