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Hunt's GP package to go 'much further' than 2016/17 contract agreement

GP contract negotiations are ‘well advanced’, but changes are likely to be overshadowed by the package of measures to be announced by the health secretary next month, the head of NHS England has said.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said in his report to today’s board meeting that ‘substantial funding and support’ will be provided to help reduce workload, improve workforce planning and redesign services.

More details of the support will be announced next month, he said, echoing the recent announcement by health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The GPC said that it had persuaded the Government to hold off on the announcement until after the special LMCs conference this weekend.

NHS England has already announced that there will be a 4% increase in funding for general practice every year until 2021.

There has been no detail about how this will be allocated, but Mr Stevens said next month’s announcement will clarify this.

In his chief executive report, Mr Stevens said: ‘Following the outcome of the Spending Review we expect to be able to announced in February a substantial and wide ranging programme of funding and support for GPs and primary care.

’This will include measures on workforce, workload and service redesign. Constructive negotiations on the 2016/17 general medical services contract are well advanced with the [GPC], recognising that the February GP package will go much further than any one-year contract can in helping GPs with the real pressures they face.’

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey said: ‘If they just come forward with short term, one-off measures as they did with the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund – where significant amounts of money were given to small areas but were not sustained – then they are likely to fail. We need to continue to push NHS England and the Department of Health to resolve workforce issues. The resources need to be sustained.’

He added that the Government had wanted to announce the new measures before next month, but the GPC persuaded ministers to wait until after the special LMC conference in London this weekend on action needed to ensure GPs can deliver a ‘safe and sustainable service’.

This delay will enable GPs to express their concerns without being pre-empted by a Government announcement, said Dr Vautrey.

LMCs special conference taking place this weekend

LMCs conference 2013 - voting card - online

LMCs conference 2013 - voting card - online

Source: Jon Enoch

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey told Pulse that the Government had wanted to announce the new measures this month, but held off until after the special LMCs conference at the request of GPC.

The special conference is set to discuss motions on undated resignations, moving towards a salaried GP service, stopping certain services and increasing the duration of GP appointments to at least 15 minutes.

You can read a live blog throughout the day on Pulse Today.

Readers' comments (26)

  • Sounds good, but if all the funding goes to GP federations, it sounds as though each federation will have to develop a common way of doing things. Think:

    Clinical databases accessible by any clinician across the federation at any location
    Common Referral templates to 2ry care
    One central referral centre
    Patient and pharmacy requests for repeat prescriptions going to one centre
    One group of GPs acting on the results of investigations on behalf of all practices in the Federation
    One number for patients to access investigation results
    GPs and nurses working across the federation.
    Very little continuing care from a named clinician
    Forces all clinicians to work the same way, which many will hate
    GPs covering other practices during half days, sickness and holiday
    QoF, LES and DES done from one Centre
    As new money comes in (like this new 4%) will be used to develop common employment and HR through the Federation
    One common complaints centre

    Whether this will result in more care at higher standards is debatable. However the resultant turmoil that this will create in individual practices is going to be immense. Many patients will not like it because they get used to the way a particular practice does things. However given time everyone adapts??

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  • Just one more year of shite to put up with then........

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  • Thank God , we're saved then . Hallelujah .

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  • Please don't dream on guys...
    Just think of the hoops you have to jump to get this money.
    Probably few times worse than what you have to do for initial and continuous assessment of unplanned admissions des.

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  • will probably be 28p per patient as as done-off payment in return for 8-8 7day working in perpetuity

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  • So they will stall again and throw a few more pennies at you.......and then you'll all bend over again as you always do to claim said chump change.....

    Then in another year or so the funding will be pulled and it's back again to square 1.

    Interesting how this announcement will be made after the lmc meeting this week. I suspect this is again to buy off dissent so that anything too radical can be delayed until an announcement is made thereby kicking into the long grass any possibility of real progress.

    I must say I like Chand nagpaul as a person but I think he is the wrong person to be leading the profession on this one. The anger within the profession needs to be represented with real action and not polite platitudes........

    Ditch the contract comrades
    Ditch the country comrades
    Ditch the college comrades

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  • Trust me - it is still not going to be good news.
    When have the conservative party ever funded the nhs to the level that it needs. This promise is to let GPs stop mass resignation - its an imaginary carrot before a big stick hits the derriere. When a government promises 24/7 routine GP care, 24/7 routine hospital care and slashes necessary funding by 4% year on year and increases bureaucracy. When a government asks Junior doctors to work 25% more unsocial hours for 30% less pay - its same that is coming to GPs. Its the same old police - smoke and mirrors - promise and don't deliver. If you are young and able - abandon the NHS. If you are old and able - retire before your health goes to pay the price of nhs martyrdom.

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  • Leave now -avoid the rush ( Actually more like stampede) for the exits .

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  • I wish Hunt would go much further - Pluto possibly .

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  • Vinci Ho

    Simple question:
    If you are so sincere , Harvey, why not announcing the details right now? Why next month ? What is the political calculation , huh?

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