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The 2017/18 GP contract at a glance

The good…

The not-as-good…

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Readers' comments (7)

  • Uplift 1%- abysmal when you consider unexplained reduction in weighted list size by 200 patients for just one Practice in Medway with only 7 patients less. How much will that Practice get and what's the scale of this phenomenon Kent-wide? We don't know.
    Until you liquidate this jinxed leeway for corruption or NHSE itself, Primary Care cannot be reformed.

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  • 1% uplift? Another great victory for Chaand Nagpaul and his gong.

    In the mean time, I'll be cutting expenditure by at least 0.6% just to match the inflation so that I'm financially viable. Well done chaps, another cut to primary care in real terms

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  • Vinci Ho

    Still remember the iconic video game PAC MAN? Cannot remember how much money I spent playing this game in video game shops as an acne-loaded teenager !
    If the ' new deal' is something positive and not a Trojan Horse , it might just represent a flashing Power Pellet(at each of the four corners of the square screen , eating which(if you can bloody reach it) will make you 'invincible' for about 10 seconds so that you can eat the ghosts that had been chasing you all these time before and have a chance to clear the stage .
    Remember the names of the ghosts?
    Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde
    Use your imagination to assign these names to those who have been suffocating you all these times , mates!

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  • Candy

    The prisoner's to register before they leave prison is actually a positive change. I have seen patients with health- esp MH- issues with no notes transferred from their prison dr (we all know how long it takes for notes to transfer anyway when a patient joins a practice) and unable to relate their medications clearly. Will make their care easier - and I expect these are few in number (hopefully).

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  • Perhaps we might do better if the GPC were replaced by a selection of fluffy toys.

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  • The Obligation for Practices to ensure patients are entitled to NHS care will cause major problems for inner city ractices with significant ethnic minority populations. How the GPC could think that this is in any way acceptable and agree is beyond stupidity and beyond words. GPC negotiators - just go, you are worse than useless.

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  • Having said that, the sickness provision, which I have been informed now does cover partners, seems a bit too good to be true. £1800 a week for an 8 session partner for 26 weeks and £900 following this seems very generous and I am not sure they realise what this could result in.

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