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BMA 'considering all options' in response to junior doctor contract imposition

The BMA has said junior doctors ‘would consider all options’ in response to Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impose a contract which representatives say junior doctors ‘cannot and will not accept’.

In a statement, BMA junior doctor committee chair Dr Johann Malawana said the Government had rejected an affordable offer put forward by the BMA, and instead choosing to ‘plough ahead with proposals that are fundamentally unfair’.

He says that seven day services were a ‘political fight’ for the Government, rather than a negotiation and warns that the decision to impose leaves the BMA ‘in no doubt’ they will seek to do the same for other professions.

Echoing the response of shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander, Dr Malawana said the decision to impose a contract was a sign of ‘total failure’ by the Government.

He added: ‘It is notable that the rest of the UK has chosen a different, constructive path on junior doctors’ contracts.’

Dr Malawana said: ‘The Government’s shambolic handling of this process from start to finish has totally alienated a generation of junior doctors – the hospital doctors and GPs of the future, and there is a real risk that some will vote with their feet.

‘Our message to the Government is clear: junior doctors cannot and will not accept a contract that is bad for the future of patient care, the profession and the NHS as a whole, and we will consider all options open to us.’

Mr Hunt had said in a statement to Parliament: ’Following the election, which the government won with a clear manifesto commitment to a 7-day NHS, the BMA Junior Doctors Committee refused point blank to discuss reforms, instead choosing to ballot for industrial action.

’Talks did finally start with the ACAS process in November but since then we have had 2 damaging strikes with around 6,000 operations cancelled.’

Readers' comments (52)

  • There should be a 5 day full strike with no emergency cover.

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  • Go on indefinite strike

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  • mass resignations dated for 1st August.

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  • Full strike 5 days sound good,the only thing these bullies understand.

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  • Letters of resignation dated 2nd August. Then we'll see how the NHS will cope without them.

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  • Vinci Ho

    This one is specifically for you all young people:
    ''No matter how right the wall may be and how wrong the egg, I will stand with the egg.'' Haruki Murakami

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  • Strikes will do nothing but potentially harm patients. Refer every one, investigate every one, instigate Med3s, prescribe the dearest meds, retire early, emigrate, locum, change career paths, go part-time, win the lottery....all of the above.

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  • Surely straight forward

    -do not agree to any exemption from EWTD, so max 48hr week
    -do not turn up to work until had the required 11 hours rest per 24hrs between shifts
    -go home when shift ends NOT when work is completed x hours later. It is the employers responsibiity to ensure adequate staffing for patient safety, and working longer would only harm patients as you will be too tired to work safely
    -do not rush anything, work at a safe sustainable pace

    =system collapses

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  • I applaud the Junior doctors for their stand, if they fail, next will be the (already on their knees with exhaustion), it will be GPs

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  • Beware threats to us from the GMC about patient care suffering and them then coming after us. Blackmail and coercion by threat as they did last time. Bravo for those who stand firm against this. I had a contract imposed; we were on strike for 5/52, but beaten by scab colleagues who made a mint on double and triple cover. Sad to be betrayed by colleagues; "Every contract leaves a taste" to misquote Dr Edmond Locard 1877-1966.

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