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Junior doctors to take five-day continuous strike action

The BMA has announced that junior doctors are set to take five-day continuous strike action this month over the imposition of the contract by health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

BMA Council met today and decided to authorise a full withdrawal of labour for five days, between the hours of 8am and 5pm from Monday 12 September – Friday 16 September inclusive, followed by further dates to be confirmed.

The JDC said in July it was looking at what ‘next steps’ to take in the contract row, following the Government’s announcement that it will be imposed from October.

Although previous BMA negotiators had accepted the contract, junior doctors rejected the contract offer by 58% of the vote in a ballot. This followed six days of walkouts in protests over contract changes earlier in the year.

Dr Ellen McCourt, BMA junior doctors committee chair, said: ’The Government has consistently said this is about creating a seven-day NHS, when junior doctors already work weekends and it’s been shown that the Government has no answer to how it will staff and fund extra weekend care.

’With just weeks before the first group of doctors is moved onto the imposed contract, time is running out. This contract will be in place for many years, it will have a direct impact on patient care and whether we can attract and keep enough doctors in the NHS. It is too important to be rushed to meet a political deadline.

’We have a simple ask of the Government: stop the imposition. If it agrees to do this, junior doctors will call off industrial action.’

A DH spokesperson said: ’As doctors’ representatives, the BMA should be putting patients first not playing politics in a way that will be immensely damaging for vulnerable patients. What’s more, the BMA must be the first union in history to call for strike action against a deal they themselves negotiated and said was a good one.

’Whilst there are many pressures on the frontline, funding is at record levels, with the highest number of doctors employed in the history of the NHS. Co-operation not confrontation is the way forward to make sure patients get the best treatment and the NHS is there for people whenever they need it.’

NHS Employers said they were ‘shocked and saddened’ by the BMA’s decision.

Readers' comments (35)

  • Glad Jeremy didn't get reshuffled out of the mess he made. Git.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Exactly the reason why Agent Hunt stays as far as Auntie May who dares not to mention NHS today in her first Cabinet gathering .

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  • Vinci Ho

    Wrote this tale about 6 months ago:

    Frankly,O'Brien,I have forgotten what my name was. I remembered being born in a country called Chyna and ended up working as a family doctor in another country called Ingland . The city was called Live. George was a Chynese patient and immigrated at the age of seventeen, he worked hard to set up a take-away business but lost everything when he was diagnosed schizophrenia.
    It was 12th of June in 1989, George came to see me for medication review and started to talk about the two tragedies on 15th of April and 4th June that year: a human stampede and crushing of a demonstration for democracy. Emotions got the best of him and he asked me, 'what was the meaning of justice? ‘That was the last thing I heard from any human being........
    Three times I felt stabbing pain in my chest and a feeling of rapid draining out of the body. The curtain was coming down and this was followed by a bright blinding light. Space-time came to a halt and everything was sucked into this black hole. The navigation of this journey through the dark was tortuous. I think a famous scientist with funny hair called it a wormhole.
    Christmas Day 1990, Nondon , I emerged from this wormhole . 'It is a girl! Congratulation.' The lady who delivered me brought me immediately to my mother. She gave me the name, Chand, moon shining. It was a year of changes. People were hopeful.
    My mother was an Indean family doctor. The profession called themselves a silly name, general practitioners. They were expected to do everything for their patients. My mother sent me to a medical school to follow her footsteps. Shortly after I qualified, she was caught in a situation when a patient died after a telephone consultation with her. She was summoned by the Council for a disciplinary proceeding. Although she was vindicated, she was treated as if she was guilty from the beginning. Being traumatised, she retired at 60 and left for Indea . I missed my mother.
    February, 2016, junior doctors had taken two industrial actions protesting the government for an unfair contract .We fought very hard but the Health Chief was the most uncompromising and ignorant in history. Morale was low .Everyone was so angry that some were leaving the country and the profession. It was Valentine Day; I was driving home after a long shift, stressed about our next action.The driver behind me kept flashing his headlights and tried to overtake. Next thing I could remember was 360 somersaults with my car down the slope.
    Then the bright light again......
    It was 2066 Ingland had left the Union of Eutopia and joined Chyna in another. A pair of robotic arms pulled me out of the birth canal and put me in an incubator. The machine was called Robo-wifery. Human being as medical professional is no longer required. The MICE guideline supported the use of Robots as their cost per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) was better.
    Today, I am five years old and represent the elite generation as we are created by special gene selection technology. We are also capable of recalling memories from our previous lives and a special programme is available to learn from mistakes in past lives. The words ‘doctor’ and ‘nurse’ are now deleted in the new language.

    Characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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  • Sorry to barge in on this subject all and Vinci, but I need to get the attention of the editors.

    Please please please Nigel can you remove my previous posts which are in my name as they all can be found on the internet but are read out of context.

    I have asked you twice but as nothing has yet happened I would like to ask you again to so please remove them as you told me you would do last week.

    To all who read this, any named comments can be seen on the internet from your posts but they will be seen out of context.

    I cannot see what the problem is and why it is taking so long. I would like to hear back from you please.

    Going back to this artcle, why only five days?????

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  • Only Jeremy Hunt is to blame for the junior doctors strike strike. I wrote this six months's true today as well !

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  • DOH spokesperson:

    "What's more, the BMA must be the first union in history to call for strike action against a deal they themselves negotiated and said was a good one."

    It would be amusing if it weren't so serious.

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  • I had thought the JDs were lions lead by donkeys.Clearly I got it the wrong way round.

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  • Good show. Bring it on.

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  • Come on gp's show some balls like the juniors....

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  • See Chaand? That's how you shake things up. The JDs won't be bought off by flimsy edicts from some suit at Richmond House.

    More power to your braziers, boys and girls!

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