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In summary: BMA blueprint for future of general practice

Read our summary of the main points from the BMA’s blueprint for the future of general practice.

The Developing General Practice: Providing Healthcare Solutions for the Future paper from the BMA lists the moves that are needed tosecure the future of general practice, including the following:

  • All patients with long-term and complex needs jointly managed through an integrated team in line with a single care plan led by the most appropriate named clinician
  • Collaborating with other practices to provide extended hours surgeries at a range of different times across a community
  • GPs offering more alternatives to a face-to-face consultation when clinically appropriate, such as dedicated telephone and/or Skype-like surgeries
  • Creating long-term incentives to expand GP partnerships
  • Investing in initiatives to support GP returners back to work
  • Providing an NHS occupational health service to support all practice staff
  • A 10-year rolling programme to ensure all GP practices that require it have a purpose-built surgery, working with NHS bodies, Local Authorities and third-party developers where necessary
  • Lengthening GP training to a fully-funded five years with a much greater proportion of time training based in general practice
  • Encouraging GPs to build on their role as patient advocates by challenging and reporting on poor care provided by local health or social care providers.
  • High quality first point of contact urgent care telephone triage, led by clinicians rather than relying solely on computer algorithms allowing a presenting problem to be managed in the most efficient and cost effective way
  • Sharing electronic care records (with requisite consent and information governance standards) with other providers of care to optimise personalised care in the community
  • Greater collaboration between practices and social care services, with named social workers or team leaders aligned to every practice and regularly attending multidisciplinary meetings
  • Longer consultation times so GPs can fully meet the needs of their patients who are living with many and increasingly complex long-term conditions, so providing increased personalised care for each and every patient who needs it

Click here to download the document.

Readers' comments (16)

  • Wonderful..all my cares will be looked after. The trouble with the BMA colluding with the political theme of the day is that they will take this as read rather than a future view of Eutopia. No structure to time scale, implementation etc. We all wish to deliver and receive excellent care but unless there is a reality check in relation to how this is achievable the BMA should be the next Daily Mail target rather than those left with dealing with Eutopia.

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  • GPs offering more alternatives to a face-to-face consultation when clinically appropriate, such as dedicated telephone and/or Skype-like surgeries

    I really hope this stays as 'and/ or' and not just 'and'. If it does it is a pretty good piece of negotiation as most GPs use the telephone extensively already. Using Skype is just dangerous as it blurs the boundaries between what is safe to deal with without a face to face consultation.

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  • One more;

    convergence of different contracts, gms, pms, etc into one GP Contract, assessed by the same set of performance indicators. All patients would then be able to use all services, including for example those provided under KPIs for PMS, that GMS patients currently cannot.

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  • Won't 5-yr training deter potential trainees? As a GP trainee 3-yr training was key in my decision to apply. 5 years and I would have delayed the decision and considered other options..

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  • The BMA shoulg be fighting our corner for us, but is too influenced by hospital staff and certain political 'friends' it has and is just adding it's voice to a campaign to get more out of GPs for cheaper.
    Why does BMA think it should be saying I must work longer hours for less pay?
    Integrity? definitely not at the BMA head office.

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  • Will the bma blueprint ( which does seem rather akin to Mr Hunt's agenda) simply accelerate the increasing impact of the 'law of unintended consequences' ?
    In this case that law predicts that GP's given ever more unrealistic and unreasonable terms of service will choose not to capitulate but rather to retire, leave, emigrate, give up or change career plans.

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  • well, I love the ideas.But..............
    BMA is not our union and does not speak for GP.
    Thats why I am not a member of this colluded organisation for long time.
    It is a clever way to stop us getting our pension

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  • I suspect 5 year training may be a well thought through plan.

    The pay cycle follows a pattern of crisis in staffing levels resulting improvement in the package to attract more people/ Then 10 year of gradual deterioration in the package as the numbers return to normal. Then the same process happens again.

    5 year training will bring the crisis/ tipping point forward.

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  • one has to wonder what the role of the BMA is .Do they still represent GPS or are they part of the political establishment .
    I think the doctor of the future will have to be a super human being ,or like the BMA come from a different planet!

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  • Did the BMA write this or have they just downloaded a DOH/NHS England document and put their name to it?

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