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Union backs call for more salaried GPs at emergency LMC conference

The union Unite is backing GPs who are calling for an expansion in salaried GPs at the upcoming special LMC conference, a move they argue would make it easier for the profession to ‘take on the Government’.

Unite said in a statement that GPs in the union ‘will be supporting the motion that asks the GPC of the BMA to investigate expanding the salaried GPs sector as the best way of stopping health secretary Jeremy Hunt imposing detrimental contractual changes on the GP profession’.

It also said it is ‘reluctantly’ backing the calls for mass resignation that several LMCs have put to conference.

Dr Jackie Applebee, Unite’s representative on the GPC, said GPs were ‘hamstrung as “independent contractors”’ and that ‘by being a salaried employee under an NHS contract – as the junior doctors have shown – you can take on a Government acting against the interests of patient safety’.

Dr Applebee added that signing undated resignation letters ‘is the only way open to conference to show the strength of feeling amongst GPs and to express its exasperation with a Government reducing the budget for general practice, rather than facing the message that the NHS needs a funding boost to tackle the list of issues facing GPs and their patients’.

The Unite statement also said evidence shows the public would support an increase in income tax ‘and/or’ national insurance, if they were convinced the money would be ring-fenced for the NHS.

Dr Ron Singer, retired GP and Doctors in Unite chair, said the NHS would need a 25% increase in funding to bring it up to the highest GP-to-patient ratios at the best healthcare systems in Europe, but that ’at present, many are working 11-hour days seeing up to 50 patients daily’.

He added that ’mass resignations are on the cards if the Government does not heed the strong messages coming from Saturday’s conference’.

Readers' comments (28)

  • Maybe Unite hasn't noticed but GP's are not applying for partner OR salaried roles at the moment. Until workload improves the trend will be towards freelance sessional working. Otherwise salaried doctors will simply be saddled with the same c**p as partners but for less money.
    The only way we will achieve fair remuneration is if every hour we spend working is counted and not just the time spent seeing NHS service users face to face. And yes that is what I am calling them as we need to stop talking about "our patients." We don't own them and they don't own us.

    Ditch the contract comrades.

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  • Vinci Ho

    The inevitable questions are :
    What will be the terms and conditions in the salaried contract ?
    What is the price tag ? How much is a salaried GP worth?
    Of course , is the government going fund that?
    The conspiracy is really to give a fixed lump sum to a big federation and leave it to 'die'......

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  • In the words of one wise locu, 'ditch the contract comrades'

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  • This is exactly what the gov want- to give up your partnerships and take on salaried Job that offer more work for less money and even less autonomy. You GP's really haven't a clue how your getting manipulated.

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  • 'Dr Ron Singer, retired GP and Doctors in Unite chair..........'
    Just wears me out when retired colleagues want to lead decisions about those of us who are doing this work everyday.
    The argument for making every GP salaried does not hold water at all.
    As Vinci Ho asked - what will be the terms and conditions of the contract?
    I will prefer Unite to stay out of this.

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  • Can these plebs just mind their own business?

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  • I would rather have my testicles removed by Jeremy Hunt that to become a salaried slave.

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  • Anonymous 6.55, What is the difference between a salaried slave and an Independant contractor slave?

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  • 8:31pm

    is it testicles?

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  • The UK is a festering pool of filth run by morons who's chief asset is their stupidity. This formula runs through all institutions especially healthcare. We know that this is reality and one only needs to look at some of the inept statements made recently by some of the so called "stars of the profession"

    There's no hope when the lunatics are in charge of the asylum and with an economy about to tank, a government with a mandate for perhaps another decade of ineptitude the future seems as bright as a bowl of bovine excrement.

    The UK is finished

    Ditch the country comrades!!!!!!

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