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LMCs conferences

GPs call for fit note self-certification period to be extended

The UK LMCs conference has ruled that ‘it is a

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GPC given mandate to negotiate GP contract that ‘rewards continuity’

LMCs have urged the BMA GP Committee negotiators to negotiate

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Sessional GPs apply to split from BMA’s GP Committee

Salaried and locum GP representatives have applied to become their

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Pandemic led to ‘additional and unrealistic expectations’ of general practice, say GP leaders

The public has ‘additional and unrealistic expectations’ of general practice

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GPs condemn ‘ill-informed and unwarranted’ media hostility

Local GP representatives from across the UK have condemned hostility

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LMCs to vote on separate GP Committee for partners

Representatives attending the annual conference of UK local medical committees

GP representatives to vote on policy to reduce core opening hours to 9-5 across UK

Representatives attending the annual conference of UK local medical committees

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Wales to ‘embrace’ remote GP consultations for future, says health minister 

Wales will be ‘embracing’ remote GP consultations for the future

Welsh LMCs to debate measures to tackle ‘unresourced’ GP workload dumping

Calls to end ‘unresourced’ workload dumping onto general practice are

Grassroots GPs urge BMA to uphold transparency ‘mandate’

Grassroots GPs have called for greater transparency from the BMA’s

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‘Disappointed’ LMCs demand progress on Scottish GP contract

Over three quarters of LMC leaders are ‘disappointed’ by the

BMA instructed to quit negotiating new GP work under ‘Trojan horse’ PCN DES

Exclusive England LMCs have demanded that the BMA do not

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94% of LMC leaders believe current GP contract ‘outdated and inadequate’

The England LMCs conference has overwhelmingly called on the BMA

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England GPs call for ‘funding security’ until end of March

England GPs have called for NHS England to ‘guarantee funding

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