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LMCs conferences

‘Disappointed’ LMCs demand progress on Scottish GP contract

Over three quarters of LMC leaders are ‘disappointed’ by the

BMA instructed to quit negotiating new GP work under ‘Trojan horse’ PCN DES

Exclusive England LMCs have demanded that the BMA do not

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94% of LMC leaders believe current GP contract ‘outdated and inadequate’

The England LMCs conference has overwhelmingly called on the BMA

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England GPs call for ‘funding security’ until end of March

England GPs have called for NHS England to ‘guarantee funding

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England GPs demand halt to mandated ‘advice and guidance’ before referrals

GP leaders have called for an end to hospitals being

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LMCs to debate hospital consultants working in GP practices

GPs attending the BMA’s annual England LMCs conference this month

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LMCs agree Government must commit to carbon neutral GP estate by 2030

LMCs have voted to push the Government to commit to

Ministers urged to fight racism by patients against GPs and staff

Local GP leaders have called on the Government to step

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LMCs vote for overhaul of GP funding formula

The UK LMCs conference has voted to overhaul the GP

LMCs vote in favour of BMA continuing to negotiate GP contracts amid concerns

The UK LMCs conference has voted almost unanimously in favour

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Tight vote sees LMCs reject exploration of new GP contract models

In a tight vote, GP leaders have rejected a bid

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GPC instructed to present annual report on inappropriate conduct complaints

The BMA’s GP Committee has been instructed to present an

Charging hospitals for workload dump among ideas discussed by LMCs

Imposing financial penalties on hospitals for inappropriate workload dump onto

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BMA GP Committee criticised for being ‘distant’ from LMCs

The UK LMCs conference have voted in favour of the