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Lansley returns, NHS 111 should put patients first and why doctors think revalidation is a waste of time

Our round-up of the health news headlines on Friday 10 January.

He is back! Former health secretary Andrew Lansley is in many of the newspapers criticising campaigners for suggesting that sugar is as dangerous as tobacco.

According to the Guardian, he criticised ‘inaccurate analogies’ from doctors leading the campaign, after several compared the harmful effects of sugar to drinking alcohol and smoking. But he also comes from the party that promised no reorganisation of the NHS, so maybe we should take what he says with a pinch of demerara.

Moving on, a Press Association survey of nearly 6,000 doctors has found that (wait for it) they think that revalidation will not weed out any dodgy doctors. If you had read Pulse earlier this week, then you would have known that already, but sometimes it takes others a little more time to catch up.

Elsewhere, it seems almost sad that it has to be said at all, but the director of one of the leading providers of the NHS 111 service says the advice line will only work if patients are put before profits.

Sky News reports that Lorraine Gray, director of IC24, a not-for-profit NHS 111 provider in Essex and Norfolk, said: ‘We don’t pay big dividends, we don’t drive around in big cars, so it goes back to our patients. And we don’t take on contracts that we don’t believe we can deliver to a high standard.’ Good for her.

Readers' comments (4)

  • Here you have the food industry exposed for being responsible for high contents of Corn oil Sugar in most food products, yet known killer diseases caused by high intakes of sugar are on the increase. There is only One way that this can be solved and that is to treat the industry with the same contempt as that of the Tobacco industry. Lansley perhaps the worst health secretary ever, is he now the official food industry spokesman in parliament??

    Andrew Lansley's Conflicts of interest are numerous.
    He was previously a director of Profero marketing food company clients.
    His wife sally low is a lobbyist with food industry clients
    His special adviser is Bill Morgan previously worked for various food companies.

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  • The Tories need sending into the wilderness for a decade or two.Shame about the rest of the political partiea all defunct.

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  • The current government do not treat the tobacco industry with contempt - they treat it with reverence, like with all industry. That is why they have hidden away public health and marginalised it, to apoint to which it is a gnat around the government discussion table with industry giants! Thankfully (for the government) it's delicate wings of overwhelming evidence can be easily crushed.

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  • Bob Hodges

    Put patients first - Abolish NHS111

    It should be nothing more than a signposting service to tell patient where to access services.

    It should NEVER attempt clinical triage.

    A lay person with a computer does NOT equal a computer.

    What proportion of called terminate at NHS111? Virtually none - it meerly pushes risk and cost to other parts of the system.

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