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GPs go forth

BMA to host special LMCs conference on 11 March

The BMA GP Committee will host the special conference of LMCs to discuss the impending GP contract changes on 11 March.

The conference will be held at the Mermaid Conference Centre in London and will allow regional representatives to discuss the 2020/21 deal which has been negotiated between the BMA and the Government.

The motion to hold a special conference was passed at a GPC meeting last month, before the GPC reached an agreement on the contract.

It said the purpose would be to consider the outcome of negotiations and ‘what action the profession should take’. However, since then the BMA has welcomed the deal it was able to reach with the Government.

And the BMA has confirmed to Pulse that the LMCs conference cannot overturn the negotiated GP contract, but merely express dissatisfaction. This is because the GPC has negotiating rights on behalf of the profession and already voted 71% in favour of the GP contract.

Dr Richard Vautrey, BMA GP committee England chair, said: 'In line with the motion passed at GPC England in January, the purpose of the special LMC conference is to consider the outcome of negotiations. Following major improvements secured through tough negotiations on the contract package, the outcome of negotiations is now an agreed contract deal between the BMA and NHS England and NHS Improvement, with changes coming in this April. The conference will therefore now discuss the profession’s response to this and help set GPCE’s work plan for the coming years. 

'Reaction to the deal from GPs has been very positive, but as I made clear there is still a lot to do, not least in tackling crucial premises and pensions issues. We will now also be embarking on a series of roadshows around the country so that GPs, PCNs and LMCs are best informed and can make the most of these new the changes.'

The updated GP contract, negotiated between NHS England and the BMA, includes a 4% increase to the global sum£20,000 golden handshakes to attract GPs into partnershipadditional funding for the primary care networks to hire extra clinical roles and diluted network service requirements.

In a blog posted today on the BMA website, Dr Vautrey said: 'After successful negotiations all of these things have become a reality and, after so many years of under-funding and increased demand, we can look forward to a brighter future for our profession.

'This is a GP contract which will provide more funding and support an increased workforce, not only for the next four years but with an explicit commitment to long-term investment.’


Readers' comments (7)

  • 'BMA has confirmed to Pulse that the LMCs conference cannot overturn the negotiated GP contract, but merely express dissatisfaction,
    This is because the GPC has negotiating rights'.

    ?Democratic dictatorship.What is the process of removing this 'right' GPC has to 'negotiate' on behalf of non-BMA (and BMA) members?

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  • BMA do not represent me and there tenure of negotiating rights for GPS have been a disaster over the past decade or more.The end is nigh for us,thank god!

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  • I am not a member of the BMA so it has NO RIGHTS to represent me. I suggest all GPs leave the BMA immediately and form our own union. Its the only way now to get anything done to help us. BMA - you have always let me down when i have asked for help in the past. You are of no value which is why i left years ago. Please stop saying you represent us - you really really do not. If you are not able to change your position to REPRESENT the views of the people who pay your wages you are NOT a true union.

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  • Cobblers

    Dear me, does Dr Vautrey work for NHSE as a sideline? Is he Dr Kanani in drag? We should be told because he is spouting the same guff as NHSE.

    This contract has not addressed the major reasons for poor retention in GP which have been gone over time after time in this magazine. The older GPs will continue to exit and the dominos will start falling. Where will it start Folkestone anyone?

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  • The new contract will certainly not stop any of us late 50s' GPs from retiring. Nothing in it to make our lives easier just more work for less money as usual.PCNs are not the answer that is for sure. if most practices where just given an increase in funding I am sure we could all work out a better strategy for our patients needs.

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  • There will be a lot of late 40s early 50s going as well as the dominoes topple in the next few years.

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  • Some may call this a pointless exercise....a conference called to express dissatisfaction but without any jurisdictional power to overturn the contract. The fact that we have the freedom to winge , whine and sound off should not be taken for granted. This veneer serves a purpose and keeps us entrenched and enslaved. It’s also a form of non surgical lobotomy to further dumb down any independent thinking.

    The original deal was excrement, this is dog food, so yes better by comparison but hardly suitable for human consumption.

    Wake up and smell the roses.... signing up to this contract will set off a irreversible chain of events that will culminate in us losing all autonomy within the next 5 years. We will be small cog i. The huge stp machine that will be tendered out to a multinational. The biggest loser in all of this will be joe public.....

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