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GP creates video urging junior doctors to choose general practice as a career

A Midlands-based GP has created a video promoting general practice as profession in a ploy to urge junior doctors and medical students to take it up as a career.

Dr Aman Arora, a GP in Birmingham, posted a video on YouTube featuring himself highlighting the positive aspects of general practice and why it is a viable career option for junior doctors - despite the current ‘recruitment crisis, GPs leaving the profession, high levels of stress and low levels of morale.’

In the video, So why be a GP?, Dr Arora outlines five core areas of the profession that he claims put general practice right at the top as a career choice, including ‘variety, the challenges, the patients, the opportunities, and constant changes.’

Dr Arora added: ‘There’s a lot of negativity around about general practice at the moment, whether it be the recruitment crisis, GPs leaving the profession, high levels of stress and low levels of morale – and I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why general practice is a truly rewarding and exciting career.

‘The challenges we face make the career an exciting one, and it comes in many different forms; whether it be physical - some days are long or psychological, where the challenges can be emotional. We are constantly being tested as GPs there’s no doubt about that.

‘But the beauty of the challenges is facing up to them and getting through them. This a real positive and the challenges are one of the keys pros of a career in general practice.’

Dr Arora’s video championing the role of the GP comes at a time when the proportion of GP training places filled in certain parts of the UK have fallen as low as 62% in some areas - while Pulse recently revealed how scores of practices across the country face imminent closure.


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Readers' comments (11)

  • Fair play to you if you feel positive about the job as it stands!!

    The problem with junior doctors is that we all eventually become senior ones. Long life brings other competing responsibilities/issues such as family, personal health, career aspirations and job satisfaction.

    Do the positive aspects of the GP job in its current form outweigh the negatives??

    I'm all for having some balance to the debate about GPs working lives... but the fact that many of us cannot wait to retire or find an earlier escape route says it all.

    I say present an honest view of what the job entails (good and bad) and let the students decide for themselves.They are too intelligent to be conned into doing this job. The DoH seems bent on trying to force them into general practice but unless the working life of GPs is rapidly improved that approach won't end well either.

    Good luck to you Dr Aurora.

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  • This is nonsense
    tired of people pretending everything is brilliant - it isn't
    people cant wait to leave GP land.
    Some so much so that they are even leaving the country
    unfair csa exam, expenses involved in training, complaints that can end your career at the drop of a hat. think hard before you enter GP land.
    GP has become the dumping ground for everyone. the simple answer to everything is 'see your GP.'
    constant media bashing has annihilated respect for GPs

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  • @8:46 "tired of people pretending everything is brilliant - it isn't"

    No, it isn't. Like everything in life, it is imperfect, with good aspects and bad aspects.

    However, it is likely that the best chances of improvement involve recruiting enthusiastic people. So I don't see anything wrong with pointing out the good aspects to prospective recruits.

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  • Does any intelligent junior doctor not know this already? I suppose youtube is full of people promoting their opinions but one has to question the motives behind this one.

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  • 8.41 the fact that you have 3 of your words in lower case suggests that you were aware that the rest of it was in SHOUTY CAPITALS.

    Please don't shout at us Pulse readers though, it's not our fault. Instead, why not write a shouty letter to each of the culprits you name in your entry. You could use capitals for that, if you wanted.

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  • "Micturating against the meteorology" (will probably not get edited by Pulse).

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  • In my personal view
    1) lining up for Dan Poulters Job,
    2) Card carrying affiliate of Parties of Power,
    3) Young and Naive enough to believe "things can only get Better"
    taking some major therapy that I would like till I can retire.
    I do hope its the latter......................................

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  • Agree with all the dissenters above.
    Maybe, young man, you just had a good day when you posted this message.
    But why take to youtube? Isn't that a bit odd?
    Any job appraisal requires a balanced view and yours is plain daft.
    I wouldn't be sending political type messages on any such forum - your career could be at risk before you have been able to enjoy it as much as you purport to.
    Don't be so naive.

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  • A truly rewarding career until you get shut down, that is. MPIG is going to cost 11 million, but this was supposed to be part of a Contract. Imposed Contracts. Oxy -moron. Great.

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