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Independents' Day

GP leaders to vote on support for fully salaried GP profession

The GPC could negotiate a new contract with Government under which GPs give up their independent contractor status and all go salaried, LMCs have suggested.

A motion to be presented by Oxfordshire LMC at the emergency LMC Conference at the end of the month suggests that because ‘many younger GPs currently prefer to be salaried rather than partners’, the GPC should look at ‘future contractual models’ which ‘explore all options including movement away from independent contractor status’.

Although the Oxfordshire LMC motion is the only one scheduled for debate, several LMCs suggested similar motions to the agenda committee.

This included Mid Mersey LMC, which proposed a motion saying ‘that the days of independent contractors delivering safe and sustainable general practice are coming to an end and calls upon the GPC to actively support the development of a salaried GP service’.

LMCs have voted on the topic before but the motion to move to a fully salaried service has always been voted down.

A Pulse survey of over 600 GPs last autumn found that support for a fully salaried model of general practice is growing, with 26% now in favour. However just over half, 54%, remained opposed. 

The motion follows similar calls by former RCGP chair Professor Clare Gerada and NHS England in London, while NHS Hull CCG has also looked into plans for developing a fully salaried model - which it later discarded,

GPs in Scotland are already moving ‘as close as possible’ to a salaried service as part of the devolved health economy’s new contract model.

The motion in full

OXFORDSHIRE: That conference believes that many younger GPs currently prefer to be salaried rather than partners, and that in looking at future contractual models, the GPC Executive Team should explore all options including movement away from independent contractor status.

Read the agenda in full here

Readers' comments (57)

  • Anon 9.09am
    You are confusing continuity with co-dependency. For sure one can lead to the other but it is not inevitable. I am militant about avoiding the types of cosy set ups you are referring to but also believe that continuity is the bedrock of general practice. Go figure.

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  • Anon@9.09
    What clichés? Not intended to be a lecture - just another point of view - but if you indeed have 15 years' experience, perhaps you didn't realise how you came across either. It may be that your second post reflects your own experience but it is not mine and is certainly not what I mean by continuity of care.

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  • To the last two comments:
    Ok well since I no longer have a flock to look after I really don't care about continuity. In, out, shake it all about, one session at a time. No pathology results, no hospital discharges with do this and do that, no PPG, no social services reports, no Atos forms, no CQC, no Gold Standards meetings, no meeting my local community pharmacist, no NHS Choices slander, no wondering if I will ever get paid for LES and DES….. need I go on?
    I thought I had joined a profession, not a monastery. I do the job for money and not love and before anyone starts berating me for saying that, maybe look up the word professional and see what it means.
    I will keep working in different practices which need my services because they can't find partners as increasingly, people like me, who feel they have been exploited enough, are now in mercenary mode.
    So thanks for the semantics Nabi, but you haven’t changed my mind.

    Keep kicking your dog and eventually it will bite you.

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  • Sorry I meant to say your first name Shaba, not address you by your surname. No offence meant.

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  • @ 1:17 hear hear

    It takes me 2 munutes flat to look at the notes and...ta daaa continuity of care done. If a patient is truely unwell or in need of help then all they want is to be sorted out, not a blooming relationship. Truelly unwell patients also tell the doctor everything and dont play games-lets see if this one can read my mind..bullocks. Time to get rid of the pseudo-patient.

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  • Turkeys will be asked to vote for Christmas.
    And any turkeys stupid enough to vote for a life as a salaried serf deserve everything that will happen to them.

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  • To Anonymous | GP Partner16 Jan 2016 2:37pm

    Presumably this is the opinion you have of all the staff - sorry "serfs" who work at your practice. Nice.

    Better to be a salaried serf than a peasant master. I know plenty of partners whose salaried and locum doctors now earn more than them for a lot less effort.
    The real turkeys voting for christmas are the partners who are joining federations. They are paradoxically forming groups in order to retain their autonomy when the government has already said half of GP contracts with be gone in the next 4 years anyway.
    Talk about head in the sand.

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  • Anon@1.17
    If that's the only part of the job you are able/willing to do then fine but you do actually depend on those you are deriding picking up after and around you, doing the whole job, not just the parts that appeal, being around to employ you and willing to accept your approach to the work.

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  • @ Anon partner 4:33 pm

    Thank you master for your generocity. Please continue to bust a gut a become mentally unwell cause otherwise us poor locums would be on the bread line.

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  • The more I practice the more I feel that continuity is seriously overrated.

    half the reason that general practice is in the hole its in is that GPs are too willing to bend over and absorb all the additional crap in return for better continuity.

    the whole idea of continuity is a massive con that only serves to emotionally blackmail GPs to do extra.

    And yet we pray at its altar like the sacred cow that is free at the point of entry.

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