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A faulty production line

GPC turns up pressure on Jeremy Hunt with 'unprecedented' LMC crisis meeting

The GPC will call an extraordinary meeting of LMC representatives to determine what action is required to maintain a safe and sustainable general practice, after a groundswell of pressure from grassroots GPs.

The ’unprecedented’ move was voted in unanimously at the GPC meeting yesterday, after LMCs continually raised their members’ concerns about the crisis in general practice.

Pulse understands the conference will be used to discuss the future of the GMS contract.

GPs have long been warning about the workload pressures and workforce crisis that is ongoing, and the GPC said that this is endangering patient care.

The GPC unanimously passed a motion that read: ’That, in the light of concerns about the crisis in general practice expressed by LMCs responding to their members’ concerns, the GPC is calling a Special Conference of Representatives of LMCs in the new year to decide what actions are needed to ensure GPs can deliver a safe and sustainable service.’

GPC education, training and workforce subcommittee chair Dr Krishna Kasaraneni said on twitter: ’Unprecedented move from TheBMA - GPC ups the ante to get the government to back general practice.’

And chair of Londonwide LMCs Dr Michelle Drage said in her message to members that the calls came from across the profession and the conference would ’discuss the crisis of resources and morale hitting general practice happening right now’.

She added: ’Members unanimously agreed to call a Special Conference of LMCs early in the new year to decide what actions to take to protect the future of the profession. This is a very significant move and a very significant opportunity for younger GPs to get involved and have your voice heard.’

GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said this was a critical time for general practice and that these discussions couldn’t wait until next summer’s annual meeting and another round of political pledges.

He also said that the huge mandate for action from the junior doctors’ strike showed that NHS staff wouldn’t tolerate working conditions that were unsafe for patients or staff.

The GPC chair added: ’General practice is at a critical juncture. The BMA and LMCs have decided to hold a special conference to bring together grassroots GPs to discuss how this crisis can be addressed, in order to have a safe and sustainable service. Further news about the conference will be announced in due course.’

GPC IT subcommittee deputy chair Dr Grant Ingrams told Pulse that the conference would be more than just a talking shop, adding ’the only point for a special conference is to try and come out with solutions. There’s no point having it if it’s just going to be a whinge’. 


Readers' comments (52)

  • Time to join our young collegues with some sort of action rather than sitting around squealing like pigs waitng for the inevitable at the slaughter house.It is better to go down trying than to not try at all.

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  • POWER TO THE PEOPLE ( GPs in our case )

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  • It's got to be a strike threat, nothing else will make any difference (unless we are talking resigning GMS on masse)

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  • Hopefully leaders will have grown some spine this time .

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  • @3:14
    Agree. We have spent too long waiting for action from OUR leaders. I feel all we have done is go from LMC and RCGP conferences over the years highlighting our serious concerns with very little done! Perhaps seeing the fight put up by junior doctors is stirring some sense of responsibility in the GPC/BMA to grassroots GPs. Already planning my exit in 1 year as sick to the back teeth waiting!

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  • 1. Put an immediate stop to the scandalous conflict of interest of members of governing bodies sitting on the LMC.
    2. Ensure that LMCs serve the GPs, who are obliged by law to pay their wages, and not their own and their private companies' vested interests.
    3. Liberate LMCs from the consultant-led BMA.

    I am not holding my breath. This is just another theatrical gesture that "we are doing something."

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  • Make sure you make your presence, and your feelings, felt buy joining the grassroots GP facebook and twitter groups. Search for GPSurvival on facebook or twitter.

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  • This is no longer a contract debate, fiddling round the edges and debating 7/7. This is a fundamental workforce debate. The diminishing numbers of GPs is actually now threatening the provision of safe, sustainable GP population cover. The DoH needs to wake up, our patients need to wake up and the realistic answers will need a complete revision of what we do, to maintain safety and navigate through this unavoidable crisis.

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  • Too little way to late

    I sat on the LMC a few years back and realised how much seat they held especially after lansley reared his head after 2010.

    The profession is about looking after the interests of the old boys and to hell with the rest.
    How else can you explain the impotent response to the destruction of the profession for well over 5 years now?????

    The millenials have had enough. We want it all and the same opportunities you old farts had.

    If you're born after 1980 and reading this take heed of my words. Nothing changes in the uk. Take a punt and get out while you still can.

    All of this crap you see today could have been avoided if GPs represented their profession instead of themselves. I suspect some of the hierarchy have been " gently persuaded" to toe the line and it's younger folk that will carry the burden.

    Don't trust your representatives, trust yourselves and your hard fought for skills. RLE!!!!!

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