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Forward View set to fall short on funding pledges, GP leaders warn

NHS England's GP Forward View pledge to bring GP spending to 11% of the NHS budget will not be met, with the share to stand at just 8.4% by 2020/21.

This is the finding of a new analysis by the BMA's GP Committee into the impact of the £2.4bn rescue package announced last year.

If the GP Forward View delivers on its targets, general practice should expect to have its funding increased to £12bn by 2020/21.

However, the GP Forward View says that this figure includes money reimbursed to practices for the cost of drugs given to patients.

If this money is not included, funding for general practice will only increase to £11.2bn by 2020/21, the BMA argues.

It says it 'should also be considered that not all the funding announced in the GPFV will go to practices directly'.

The report said: ‘Therefore, the £11.2bn is likely to be an overestimate of what is used to support GMS/PMS practices.’

According to the BMA, a total of £14.6bn is needed to sustain general practice, leaving a £3.4bn shortfall in 2020/21, when all the targets laid out in the plan are due to be met.

GPC chair Dr Richard Vautrey told Pulse the funding is needed ‘to really get back to where we were in funding levels back in 2006’.

He said: ‘Clearly it’s insufficient funding for the growing population and the growing complexity of patients that GPs are trying to provide care for and I think we have real concerns that their needs to be a step-change in funding going into general practice and the wider community services so that we can properly meet the growing needs of patients.’

Dr Vautrey added that the shortfall is likely to impact recruitment and retention in the profession.

He said: ‘What we are very aware of is young doctors and medical students are looking at the long term funding commitments made by Government and NHS England and making decisions about whether they take a career in general practice or whether they pursue a hospital career or they look for other opportunities.

‘And these are long term commitments that young doctors are making and if we’re genuinely going to sort out the recruitment and retention crisis we have to get back to the time when people were competing to become GPs.’

The BMA called for general practice to receive 11% of the NHS budget in April 2016 as part of its ‘urgent prescription' but the 11% figure was initially an RCGP demand, made in 2013.

The analysis follows a GPC progress report published in April which described the implementation of the GP Forward View as ‘patchy’.




Readers' comments (11)

  • I think it is currently 5.4% here in NI so perhaps 8-9 percent isn't that bad????

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  • National Hopeless Service

    My child a final year medical student is looking for other opportunities and I will encourage to do so.

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  • A surprise NOT.

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  • Agreed....not surprised at all. All words and no action.

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  • Where are our 'happy colleagues' to gloss this up a bit? After all this is clearly good news and there's never been a better time to be a GP..... probably too busy with their portfolios to notice......or colouring in with crayons somewhere...... Doctor McDoctor face the RCGP will be very cross with you for telling the truth to your off-spring.... do you not remember HSL telling us not to do this in front of the children? Tut-tut.... :-) I wish her/him well in an alternative career path......

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  • Actually I think Rowan Atkinson's Captain Blackadder could sum up the progress in general practice rather well, "Millions have died, but our troops have advanced no further than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping."

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  • 90% funding used for private consultancy services from sister companies of ccg family members, rest on meetings. not surprised at all.

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  • and in other news a bear was seen crapping in the woods....

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  • David Banner

    It's very depressing to have your cynicism proved right.
    Remember Stalin's 5 Year Plans?.....More grain! More tractors! More jobs! The peasants shrugged and struggled on in worsening poverty.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Any ideology is only meaningful if the ruling party has enough political power and energy. One day of politics is too long and three months after a general election easily represents a passing of 'centuries'. Latching on an old rhetoric goes from hero to zero. A foreign secretary's proclamation of giving NHS £350 million a week after reaching the destiny of Brexit is a very good example. Give him some credit ,though, he spent 4000 words in article to promote his ideology.
Instead , the government is to make different concessions in order to earn back credibility bitcoins. Lifting the cap on pay rise in public sector and halt on the rise of university tuition fees( chancellor even suggested to reduce that to £7500 per annum) are only the beginning of a new chapter, in my opinion. 
Thanks to the arrogance of the prime minister when she presumed that she would gain more political energy jumping onto the bandwagon called ' Chariot of Brexit' and welcomed all the hard core Brexiteers into her realm. Well , that was then , this is now . 
Triumph because of Brexit ; Defeat because of Brexit. 
The prime minister is now too busy in re-asserting that she is ' the one in charge' , effectively trying to keep some distances from these Brexiteers. Even Mr Davis has fallen out of favour as her patience is drying up. 
This is perhaps one of the lowest points of British politics in recent history when nobody seems to be able to convince the public that he or she knows what to do for the best of the country. I suppose no one likes to be the leader in a mess ( explains why Auntie May still in position) but anybody can imagine becoming the prime minister (explains why Uncle Cable having his dream). 
As far as we are concerned, a weakened enemy can only be an opportunity for our lieutenants(if they have wakened up ). All these pledges and plans pushed forward before the general election can all be easily forced back onto the drawing board if we play the game of minds correctly. 
To me , the nasty party has become the immoral party . Their infightings and backstabbings are macabre. One day, someone might report to the police that different pieces of Auntie May were found in somebody's fridge .Who knows?
    Yet another category five hurricane is devastating the Caribbean islands. We have the fifth terror attack in U.K.
    Do not want to sound too religious:
    In Classic of Poetry , Shijing or Shihching(詩經),the oldest collection of Chinese poetry (11th to 7th century), it states:
    The disasters we witnessed on earth are not really the 'punishment' by the divine power down from heaven . Instead , they are warnings to those, with parochial minds,fighting against each other for positions of power and hence ,ignoring the best interests of ordinary people.
By the way , where are you , Sarah?
    On second thought , the foreign secretary might have been the most loyal servant of our JAM(just about managing) prime minister and deliberately made a fool of himself in the public . Hence , she was granted a golden opportunity to tell everyone that only she was driving in the front !

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