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Contract countdown: What do we need to do before April?

All the contractual obligations you need to fulfill by 31 March 

1. Named GP

You need to assign a ‘named, accountable GP’ for all patients, including children, who will take lead responsibility for the ‘co-ordination of all appropriate services required under the contract’. You need to have allocated a named GP to all patients by 31 March 2016 and state on your practice website that all patients have a named GP.

However, you don’t have to write to patients to inform them of their named GP, just inform them at the ‘next appropriate interaction’.

2. Publish practice earnings

You need to publish your practice income on your practice website by 31 March. This is the average net earning for GPs at your practice. This is only contractual income from NHS England, CCGs and local authorities. You do not need to publish income from other sources such as premises, dispensing, private work and out-of-hours work. The income relates to the 2014/15 financial year and includes all GPs who worked for over six months at the practice during that finanical year. For further information see our Q&A on publishing practice income.

3. Provide online access to all coded information in the GP record

By 31 March, you must provide access to coded information in the GP record for patients who make an ‘active application’. Free text will not be accessible and you can withhold coded information if this is in the patient’s interests or where there is reference to a third party.

4. QOF 

There are no major contractual changes from last year, but make sure you get your points up to speed before the end of March to maximise your income.

5. Unplanned admissions DES

The DES achievement in preventing unplanned admissions is now being reported twice a year instead of quarterly, on a simpler reporting template. Patients with care plans from the previous year can remain on the 2% register, but GPs will have make sure they have given them at least one care review by the end of March. Practices are also obliged to retain a patient participation group and GPs have needed to continue to identify newly registered patients aged 16 or over who drink alcohol at increased or higher risk levels, and offer interventions.

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Readers' comments (10)

  • You need to ditch your contract before April

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  • And then what?

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  • And then smell freedom

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  • No, I mean in practical terms, then what?

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  • Isn't it obvious? Locum, emigrate or retire.

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  • Yes I agree anything but this cut to PMS and a weighted list reduction of 15% which mean I take home £21000
    A year not far off my nurse

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  • Do not blame the government of the day for the present mess but it's advisors who happened to be doctors.

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  • You need to go on strike--like the juniors. Not like our last GP action which was to defer paperwork for a day.
    We should all strike on a Tuesday after a bank holiday.
    If the strike option is too much to stomach then why don't we all refuse to engage with the revalidation process?

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  • The juniors were 98% (?) united which was amazing. I was part of strike that was let down by scab "colleagues" who made lots of money out of it and it failed. I got out when faced with idiocies of revalidation. Sad in a way, but relieved to be free.

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  • If don't do anything now you will suffer like the dentist. Dentist are a disparate bunch who greedily accepted the Government money and their terrible, not fit for purpose contract and they are now struggling. Once you accept the rubbish contract on offer which will look good to start with and then you will have to meet contract requirements which will change regularly at leaset every April and if you do not fulfill the contract they WILL clawback your money and reduce the OVERALL GP BUDGET. They will increase you workload by more compliance issues and PRESSURE the GMC to increase you ARF getting the GMC to bring in more and more Ftp cases many of which will be spurious and vexatious. The consequence will be increase in INDEMNITY INSURANCE. The GMC will become a policing body WITH LAY MEMBERS PICNHING A LIVING and with less and less MEDICS ON THE PANEL REPRESENTING THE GPs.
    Many of you will go on about your moral obligation to your patients (but the government say they not your patients but theirs) but moral and ethical feelings will be pushed to the back burner when you can't may your practice expenses or your mortgage etc.


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