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All the headlines from the 2019/20 GP contract at a glance

This has been called the most significant contract since 2004, and with good reason. There have been a number of huge announcements, with several new pots of funding, and more details to be announced imminently.

The main headlines include:

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Readers' comments (29)

  • Love that naming of GPs and Managers earning above £150k. Would be almost racial profiling!

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  • The more you look at this the worse it seems to get.Generally not very impressive and not the solution to the impending workforce melt down.It relies on the new doctors taking responsibility and I bet for the majority of them it is easier and safer to pass it to the GP.More of the same beatings for us my friends and colleagues.As for the naming and shaming of high earning full timers I feel a part time change coming on methinks,doesnt encourage you to work does it.Can you hear that its the bell tolling for the end of the partnership,continuiiy and wholistic patient care.We will be the last generation of GPs to actually know our patients and their family,probably the last ones to care.Shift work anyone maybe we will get overtime but I doubt it.

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  • doctors read noctors.

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  • I have just read the whole 100+pages.
    It seems complex and scary
    I think it will escalate older GPs leaving in the next 2 years
    -video consultations compulsory by April 2021
    -weekly comprehensive care home visits
    -Patients to access their full GP notes by April 2020,imagine the questions and explanations we will have to give
    -Good old reliable fax machine in the bin in April 2020!

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  • @Ian
    To be fair we do most of that at the moment anyway. The only difference is the video consultations, although i think that will be challenging. And honestly the fax machine needs to be updated. You can fax-to-email.

    Access to notes is in fact getting easier. At the moment if someone requests access we have to travel through everything to make sure there is nothing dangerous in the past. In the new contract access is for prospective entries only.

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  • I would be happy to say if I earned 150k. Not sure if any patient cares how much Gp earned. It is a pointless
    What will mps. and mud do with their subscriptions when crown indenimity come in to force??
    70% reimbursement for pharmacist so do we pay 30% from pocket.
    Rest of contract changes seem ok to me?

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  • Now where is that bus to put all these slogans on the side

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  • 0.25 WTE per 50000 patients for the clinical director. That’s 295 WTE taken out of circulation across England. That’s really going to help the GP crisis.

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  • David Banner

    Sinister details lurk behind the positive headlines.

    This contract is like an onion. The more you peel it, the more it stinks.

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