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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

All the headlines from the 2019/20 GP contract at a glance

This has been called the most significant contract since 2004, and with good reason. There have been a number of huge announcements, with several new pots of funding, and more details to be announced imminently.

The main headlines include:

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Readers' comments (29)

  • already given up hope NI GP

    22000 extra staff where are the GPs?
    smoke and mirrors everything buried in the Global Sum
    Pension help? what a joke pay 50% less get 50% less and 40% more tax on whats left
    Oh I nearly forgot a shed load of extra work thrown in for good measur

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  • Overall the result of this negotiation is really good. People just like moaning but consider the following:

    The predicting GP pay change is the highest it has been for years.
    Everyone predicted that the government would insist on funding for indemnity coming out of GP pay but that has not happened. They have even remembered to make sure that we get the indemnity special payment this year (because that covers costs from last year).
    Everyone moaned about GPs being forced to fund increases in pension employers contributions - but that has been explicitly addressed in the contract.
    Everyone is getting paid 2 pounds per patient for just putting their name to a network - that is a 4% increase in pay alone, even if you agree with the network to ignore the rest of the funding and just pocket the cash for signing up. Most of us have already done this, so money for old rope.
    The staff coming through the network is option, but is essentially available at a 70% discount. You would be crazy not to take it up, but it is optional.
    20 Million to deal with data access requests - that is over 2k / practice. I don't think we charged anywhere near 4k in data access charges (for a practice double the average size).

    The main downsides are:
    - Naming high earning doctors seems just unfair. Why pick on full time doctors?
    - Insisting on booking through 111 and online access gives surgeries less leverage to innovate with appointment systems. How would it work with doctor first for example?
    No decision about run off cover for lower cost indemnity - surely that should have been decided by now!

    But those are small beans really. Overall an excellent outcome.

    (For what it is worth, apart from being a member I am not involved with the BMA/ government or these negotiations in any way at all).

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  • Hello all, n00b GPhere again, so I’m wondering why GPs have to declare their income over 150k. Is this pretax or post tax? Will Locum GP doctors be affected by this new rule since technically speaking we are subcontractors to GP surgeries who are contracted to the NHS. Sorry for sounding green, I’m just worried about my future as a Locum doctor. I get tempted everyday towards moving out to Canada.

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  • Can't see the positives in what will end up taking money from somewhere else, more work and then give less of it back.
    I'm sure the 20000 physics and pharmacists currently sitting on an island waiting for the chance to work will be overjoyed - they've been bored stupid these last few years since qualifying but not being able to find any work…
    With regards to the 111 option - we don't have that many free appointments for US to use every day let alone giving them to some untrained computer operator. Our only hope is they'll still be too busy sending out ambulances to everyone who calls them.

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  • BMA have joined forces with DOH to eradicate Partners from Primary Care.

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  • Vinci Ho

    The ‘right’ thing only happens at the ‘right’ time and the ‘right’ place in history.
    My take is that this would not even happen if this government was not so incapacitated by all sorts of incompetence(plus distractions of Brexit) and obviously, it is very much a minority government.
    (I know some will strongly disgree with me by politicising the matter , am I?)

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  • already given up hope NI GP

    forces Dark in you me thinks

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  • There are lots of positives, but the 5 year limit on indemnity uplifts is concerning as that will then be let loose to seriously erode net practice income.
    The other obscured bigger concern is the 111 backdoor into online booking 25% of our appointments (using patients' own online codes). 111 have such a low medicalising threshold that these will be booked before you can blink, causing an immediate access crisis for those in genuine need and create even greater chaos and stress in hours. We have care navigation, triage and filtered options - all of which will be ignored through 111. This will be a major risk for partners as it will be outside our control.

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  • After 8 years not having had a penny to improve premises or conditions for patients and with the same bullies in the local organizations, not very optimistic anything will change. Somehow, funding always tends to end up with the same Practices. Guess another line to Murphy's law.

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  • When global sum is not enough to provide full time Nurse, GP and Reception staff, how can a Practice be expected to pay the balance 30% for any allied professionals? Again, it for the selected few who have 3 GPs for the same number of patients for which a Practice can afford only 1.5

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