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Gold, incentives and meh

Junior doctors planning 'range of actions' after calling off strikes

The BMA has said that it will look into other forms of opposition to the imposition of the junior doctors contract after calling off the series of five-day strikes planned over the next few months.

The Junior Doctors Committee agreed to cancel the strikes following its meeting on Saturday, ’due to feedback from doctors, patients and the public and discussions with NHS England about the ability of the NHS to maintain a safe service if industrial action’ were to go ahead.

Strikes had been planned for five days at a time over October, November and December. Planned action for September had already been cancelled due to patient safety fears.

JDC chair Dr Ellen McCourt said: ’We still oppose the imposition of the contract and are now planning a range of other actions in order to resist it, but patient safety is doctors’ primary concern and so it is right that we listen and respond to concerns about the ability of the NHS to maintain a safe service.

’Our fight does not end here. For many people this whole dispute has turned on how the NHS will assure quality care over seven days. It has highlighted the need for an open and honest debate led by the BMA on how this will be achieved. We call on our colleagues across the medical profession, other healthcare professionals, and the Government and patient groups to engage with junior doctors on this.’

The GMC and Health Education England had warned junior doctors that their training and registration may be put in jeopardy by taking prolonged industrial action.

Readers' comments (16)

  • The battle is now lost and the JDs need to knuckle under and prepare for a winter of attrition. This was the moment in time when they could have stood up for all doctors but as has already been stated, Hunt has outmanoeuvred the BMA at each twist and turn and exposed them as incompetent and disorganised. What future the BMA? What future the health service? Ultimately, and sadly, this will prove to be a pyrrhic victory, as the more talented JDs (and others) head for jobs where they will be appreciated and valued - this will not be in England.

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  • As difficult as this decision is, WE, as GPs need to look at ourselves - why were we asking them to carry the fight for us, when our own arm of the BMA is useless?
    Why are we expecting them to carry the fight alone, when our cardigan-wearing people in high power, or those who are chasing honours screw it up.

    If you are unhappy with this situation, you need to vent it at YOUR represenation, NOT the JDC.

    I am a young GP, and feeling the strain of knowing GP-land only in crisis - I keep getting told 'its never been this bad, itll get better' - all whilst we are having RCGP tell us 'its never been a better time to be a GP', and 'think GP' as career advice.

    Please join Resilient GP and GP Survival groups and become active on there rather then venting at the JDs - they have done more in one year then the likes of Chaand, Maureen, et al have done in a lifetime - they STOOD up.

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  • The more people that cancel their BMA membership the better. Better still join a foreign organisation as they will have more balls.
    I regret wasting all my money for years and years on supporting the BMA after being finally shafted by them. They support the government and not the doctors who pay them. Wake up or blindly pay others to destroy your interests.
    Juniors, leave the BMA now and form another organisation. Or just go abroad and save yourself.

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  • Perhaps the outcome of the judicial review this week will swing the pendulum back in favour of the Junior Doctors. In any event, I'm not holding my breath. I cancelled my BMA membership 5 years ago - what a spineless organisation.

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  • The Juniors have a plan. The BMA doesn't have a clue.

    Perhaps we can issue colouring books?

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  • Tyranny wins?
    Divide and rule wins?
    Permanent and lasting damage for a decade at least. Coupled with the thought to tie it up. It is a planned strategy of squeezing the foundation of the establishment while upholding the highest of morals.

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