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GPs go forth

GPs are most highly pressured doctors in the NHS

GPs are the most highly pressured doctors working in the NHS, a BMA survey has found ahead of its Annual Representatives Meeting in Edinburgh this week.

The survey of 1,000 members - a third of whom were GPs - found that 89.4% of GPs reported feeling under very high or high pressure at work. This compares with 80.6% of consultants and 68.9% staff and associate specialist grade doctors

GPs were also the most likely to report feeling less empowered than last year despite Government claims that the Health and Social Care Act reforms have put GPs in the ‘driving seat’ of the NHS.

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Overall, 64.6% of doctors said they felt less empowered compared with a year ago, with the rate highest among GPs, at 74.1%. This was followed by staff and associate specialist grade doctors, at 64.2%, consultants at 60.3%, and junior doctors at 49.1%.

The BMA findings build on the results of Pulse surveys uncovering the extent to which GPs are now at risk of ‘burnout’ and how GPs were feeling no more engaged in running the NHS as CCGs took responsibility for services in April.

Dr Richard Vautrey, GPC deputy chair and a GP in Leeds, said: ‘It’s very concerning that so many GPs are feeling like this. It is very much related to the huge workload that practices – GPs, their practice nurses and other staff - are experiencing. They’re seeing more patients, more often and with more complex problems. The Government’s response was to impose even more work on us with more box-ticking and that’s made it significantly worse.’

He added: ‘It’s a sign the crisis we’ve been warning about is here and it’s time the Government really did listen and act. Jeremy Hunt in his last speech reflected on the concerns he has about box-ticking and micromanagement and yet he was the minister who imposed even more [of this] on practices. Instead of fine words we need some action – we need the Government to really take this seriously.’

Dr Vautrey called for a commitment from Government to increase the proportion of NHS spend in general practice to allow practices to employ more staff.

‘We also need to see some acknowledgement that they made a mistake in the imposition and that they’re intending on reversing some of those changes,’ he added. ‘They need to take a radical look at the expectations being placed on us and whether they’re really necessary. We need a return to professionalism, to empower GPs to be professionals and not expect them to spend so much time box-ticking.’

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  • Yes, and nobody will enter General Practice. The Daily Mail has specifically damaged my view of the profession and this single newspaper has upset me so much that it would make me want to leave the profession. Leave the mess to the grinning, swivel-eyed Jeremy Hunt and his newspaper cronies and financial backers..................

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  • Couldn't agree more with anon above. Daily mail and Twunt have a lot to answer for between them. I hope their worlds come crashing down. Time the public and government took GPs seriously and respected us for our hard work and value for money

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  • You won't get this published in The Daily Mail........When will this lunatic, ranting newspaper realise it has gone to far?? When will Jeremy Hunt rein in their thuggery?? I want to arrange a BMA march through London protesting about The Daily Mail and advising medical students NOT to enter General Practice for their sanity or have their lives blighted by The Daily Mail

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  • Headline above - All I can say is no f3ck1ng sh1t Sherlock!!!

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  • Does survey this include private doctors ????
    eg private GPs like The Daily Mail's private multi-millionaire GP Dr Martin Scurr who so despises us poorer NHS GPs in his Daily Mail lecture rantings

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  • That's because no single medical group of doctors has been so systemically persecuted by the DOH and The Daily Mail like GPs. This extremist newspaper has alot to answer for.

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  • Had a good mind to report Daily Mail to press complaints commission re: last article claiming that we all want 20k for OOH. Such comments ate slanderous and malicious. We all heard Mr Hunt say. The other day regarding Barrow that "it is a very serious offense to mislead the public" - so the daily mail are VERY guilty of some VERY serious offenses. As is Hunt and co....

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  • The BMA should consider a test case under the Hate crimes legislation.
    I accept the extension to the act was designed to expand from racial and religious protection base to encompass and protect alternative lifestyle choices like Goth and EMO subcultures; the profession would have to get over the shock that we are a recognisable subculture and not "mainstream", but there is a convincing evidence base for such a contention in the press publication.

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  • The Daily Mail are not frightened of the PCC......because they control them anyway. The Daily Mail are out of control. Look at the way some members of the public have been treated................trial by a collective group we should demand damages.....which should go to the sick doctors charity.

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  • the daily mail is a fascist rag - it even had an article Hurrah For the Blackshirts -nuf said

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