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The waiting game

NHS England says almost 90% of GPs work part time in response to Pulse survey

NHS England has highlighted that almost nine in 10 salaried GPs now work part time, in its official response to Pulse’s workload survey.

The survey results, published today, found that GPs were breaching safe working limits due to high workload and lack of GPs. A total of 52% of GPs who responded to the snapshot survey on Monday 11 February said they did not feel they were working at a safe level that day. 

In response, an NHS England spokesperson said: ‘We know general practice is under pressure. Investment in local doctors and community services is increasing by £4.5bn, helping to fund an army of 20,000 more staff to support GP practices as part of the NHS long-term plan.

‘We are also aware almost 9 out of 10 salaried GPs currently work part time.’

Figures from NHS Digital for September 2018 show that 73% of salaried GPs work between 15 and 37.5 hours a week, and a further 14.6% work less than 15 hours a week.

A report in March concluded the NHS will have 7,000 fewer full-time-equivalent GPs than needed within five years. In February, it was revealed that the number of full-time equivalent GPs had fallen by 2% in a year. 

Pulse's workload survey also found that female GPs were more likely to work beyond scheduled hours than male GPs, while partners tend to work the longest hours.


Readers' comments (12)

  • The abuser always says its the abused fault, they will never take any responsibility.Who has made full time general practice so unappealing, and now undoable.

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  • Bang on. Part time because any more would be intolerable.

    I also agree that the system is abusive, especially of partners.

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  • NHS England also say that they are adding lots of support staff to GP surgeries.

    In my experience Pharmacists, Nurse practitioners, Paramedics etc add to the GP workload and increase their medico legal risk.

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  • We have a mix of full time and ‘part time’ partners.
    If counting accurately I think the part time GPs would be working about 37 hour weeks.

    So it should be recorded as full time and double time.

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  • NHSE drove me to seek a new life abroad, and for that I thank them. It was either that or get ill. My new country has only reaffirmed my view that the UK has become a toxic environment for many people, GPs included. In my new 10 doctor practice, 8 are ex NHS GP partners, often very experienced. None would willingly return. But it’s all been said before.... good luck my friends.

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  • That they have felt the need to respond shows that they are nervous. Well done.

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  • but they manage spin and misrepresentation again: Salaried GPs are only part of the picture, and often end up doing more hours than contract states, partly in compulsory education, etc.
    Why choose to leave out the partners who are more likely working 50+ hours, and as already stated, NHSE's 'hours' are misleading, as 26 is really full time (19half time), and extras are compulsory. They are counting falsely.

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  • On paper I work 'part time', and my pay reflects this. However my hours a more that of a full time worker, I just don't get paid for it.

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  • It would be helpful for future openness, credibility, accountability, understanding, follow up and feedback if the name of any spokesperson for NHS England quoted was published in the article. And if the spokesman is just some lowly press officer regurgitating an agreed statement, then the name of the senior officer who has sanctioned the form of words should be provided. Perhaps Pulse could be one of the first to challenge this faceless anonymity.

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  • |Paul Thornton | Salaried GP|08 May 2019 11:42am

    You want accountability? From an authoritative (and might I say, socialised) sector/state? Yeah, good luck. At least we aren't Venezuelans, or North Koreans, ...... yet.

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