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GPs happier than ever and maintaining income levels, DH tells DDRB

The Department of Health has claimed GPs are happier than ever and are earning the same amount they did two years ago, in evidence to the doctors’ pay review body.

In a rosy assessment of the state of general practice, the DH said it estimated GP net earnings would remain static this year at £107,700 per year since 2010/11, with the ratio of earnings to expenses at the expected level.

Pointing to evidence from the National Work Life Survey in 2011 which it said represented the ‘most up to date comparable evidence in measuring GP satisfaction’, the DH said that in 2010 GP working hours remained unchanged since 2008 – at 41.4 hours per week - and happiness was 4.9 points, up 0.2 points on a seven-point scale, compared with 2008.

The DH reiterated its warning to GPs that the 1.5% uplift would be taken off the table if the GPC does not agree to its proposed deal announced last month.

If a negotiated settlement is not agreed, then the DH will ask the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) to make a recommendation on what the uplift to GP pay should be.

This submission prepares the way for this assessment, with the DH planning to submit evidence on the uplift to GP pay at a later stage if it cannot reach a negotiated settlement with the GPC.


The evidence says: ‘GMP pay has increased in cash and real terms relative to other NHS staff groups. On a cash basis, pay has increased by 46% over the period 2002-03 to 2009-10 (the latest year for which figures are available).

‘This compares to an increase of 36.4% for consultants and 29.9% for nurses over the same period.’

The GPC has walked away from any further negotiations following the Government’s publishing its proposals at the end of October, hitting out at unworkable workload objectives set out by the DH.

The evidence adds: ‘The Department hopes that a negotiated settlement with the GPC can still be reached and it has indicated that, as part of a negotiated settlement, it would remain willing to offer a 1.5% uplift in gross income.

‘If, however, a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, the Department will invite the DDRB to make recommendations on uplift.’

Readers' comments (60)

  • Ha ha ha.

    Retirement tantalisingly close now.

    Good luck to younger generation.

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  • Only in Cloud Cuckoo Land!

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  • Not at all surprising! I am clearly NOT Mr average GP as I recognise no part of their evidence. Falling income and 50+ hours in the surgery last week plus work at home!
    Let's hope the BMA gives equally extreme evidence in the other direction to balance this out!!!!

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  • I'm not sure which planet or galaxy this information came from but it's certainly not from planet Earth. To coin a well known military expression : The NHS suffers from that well known condition FUBAR
    (F--k-d Up Beyond All Recognition) . Since someone thinks GPs are happy I can only assume that the Prozac that they are on is working well for them!! Retirement is preciously close for me too, anonymous.

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  • That is absolutely hilarious. Global sum has gone up 1% in 6 years. Income is falling year on year. I am working 12-13 hr days and still it's not enough to satisfy demand. That is a ludicrous assessment of 'evidence' they seriously think cutting pay, increasing workload, shifting work out of hospital without any transfer of resources, reorganising the health service and having your pension shafted is making GPs happier than ever before? Is it this country they were talking about?

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  • Nhsfatcat

    41.4 hours?
    Have they averaged out full timers and part timers to create a number!
    I've been in since 7:45 this am its now 6.15 just finished last patient and have extended hours starting in 15 mins. Cuppa and a look at my emails brought me to this work of fiction!

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  • Simon
    7:45 you 'ad it lucky lad!
    I start at 7.30 no break, come 'ome for t 12.5 'ours later then do sev'ral hours on comp'ooter then bed. Take 'ome pay is not increased despite not replacing salr'd doc.
    With apologies to Monty Python.
    Cant decide whether NHS is Comedy or Tragedy. Still the East is nicer than W Mids. Not too long to go to retirement thank god.

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  • Could we see the evidence please? Probably not as there may not be any to back these claims.

    Also it looks as if the statements are based on a year-old survey, so relate to pre-NHS Act.

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  • Chaps, stop working so hard, reduce your clinic hours, cut back on staff, reduce the nursing hours. Sure more patients will have to go to ED/WiC but at the end of the day I never asked for these things. Finish at 6:30. stop seeing extras. These are Not funded.

    Sure as a result you will make less money and your practice list size will lessen. The extra 5000 is not worth the extra stress. The ccg costs will rise. Perhapsnat that stage the government will appreciate us and stop always acting like they are doing us a favour.

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  • Income falling, working hours increasing(55+/week) work/life balance shot to hell ...this does NOT equal happier GPs but it does seem to be the norm now and I've yet to meet a GP who disagrees....unfortunately I am not sure retirement will come soon enough!

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