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In full: GP contract survey findings

See the full results of Pulse’s survey of grassroots GPs in the wake of the 2014 GP contract announcement.

Read the full story here: Backlash from grassroots GPs as survey highlights fears over contract compromise

Total number of respondents: 360 GPs

Taken as a whole, how would you describe the 2014 GP contract deal?

Very good 3%
Good 33%
Poor 43%
Very poor 21%

Which of the following measures announced as part of the 2014 GP contract deal do you support?

QOF being cut by 40%
Support 73%
Don’t know 18%
Oppose 9%

A proportion of money cut from QOF being reinvested in global sum
Support 78%
Not sure 16%
Oppose 6%

GPs taking on ‘named clinician’ responsibility
Support 24%
Not sure 25%
Oppose 51%

The new emergency admissions DES
Support 16%
Not sure 34%
Oppose 50%

Seniority payments being phased out
Support 10%
Not sure 13%
Oppose 234 76%

Practice boundaries being scrapped
Support 14%
Not sure 13%
Oppose 73%

Practices having to publish their GP income from 2015
Support 8%
Not sure 14%
Oppose 78%

Practice displaying the result of their CQC inspection in their waiting room
Support 54%
Not sure 27%
Oppose 19%

The introduction of the Friends and Family Test from December 2014
Support 25%
Not sure 37%
Oppose 38%

A new contractual obligation for GPs to monitor the quality of out-of-hours services when used by their patients
Support 25%
Not sure 26%
Oppose 49%

Giving all patients access to their Summary Care Records
Support 47%
Not sure 31%
Oppose 22%

Online appointment booking
Support 69%
Not sure 17%
Oppose 14%

Online repeat prescription requests
Support 86%
Not sure 6%
Oppose 8%

Readers' comments (5)

  • The abolition of practice boundaries is the most insidious and potentially devastating change. The reason the NHS is the most cost-effective health service in the world is due to GP list registration- patients have continuity of care and GPs can contain costs by engaging with patients and secondary care. The GPC should engage with GPs and patients about this and not ignore the threat to the very foundation of the NHS. General practice will be flung wide open for private companies to cherry-pick basically well patients, leaving NHS practices to care for chronically unwell people with dwindling resources

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  • i can't understand how publishing GP's income is going to improve care

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  • If this contract is thought to be poor or worse by 64% of respondents then it is reasonable to assume that they would not have voted for it if given the chance . This is another imposed set of terms and conditions .

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  • The danger here is that, having all objected to this ridiculously bad offer, the DoH wil come back with a negligibly less 'orrible one, and the BMA will say it;'s better than what was first offered, so take it, rather than insisting DoH negotiate towards OUR goals - ie new money for new work and beter conditions. Let's face it, they can right royally vilify us for refusing the better one, even if it is still really awful, just because they can say they have listened and changed it and compromised, and so should we.....

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  • The real problem here is that the NHS does not trust GP's to what they trained to do, care for patients!

    All that is really required is to make the complaints procedure more simple and be dealt with outside of the NHS.

    Why on earth should a GP tick a box to tell the NHS he / she has monitored my blood pressure or checked other aspects of my health?

    Given we have David Nicholson who allowed patients on his watch to die in appalling circumstances, he thinks all other NHS managers are as inadequate as hew was?
    Fortunately for us, that is not the case!

    I feel the NHS are treating GP's like naughty children abut at the same time, cannot have an NHS without them!

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