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A faulty production line

Health secretary announces 'new deal' for GPs tomorrow

GPs will be able to watch live as the health secretary reveals the Government’s promised ‘new deal’ to improve the conditions of general practice tomorrow morning.

GPs can tune into Pulse Today from 9.30am on Friday to view a live streaming of Jeremy Hunt’s speech, set to be given in a London GP practice.

To date, no exact details have been given on the deal, but Mr Hunt said previously that it must look at the ‘terms and confitions of general practice’, ‘why GPs have so much burnout’ and contractual targets.

The NHS Five Year Forward View, which the Government has pledged to fund, said ‘given the pressures they are under, we need a new deal for GPs’. It said this would include extra investment, stability of core GP funding for two years, more power handed to CCGs, priority given to increasing GP trainee numbers and ‘new options to encourage retention

Last week, the RCGP called for the deal to include a review into the burdens of QOF and CQC inspections including their potential scrapping.

Pulse editor Nigel Praities predicts that GPs will be likely to see more physicians associates and pharmacists brought in to help address the GP workforce crisis.

Join in on Friday to find out more and tweet to @PulseToday using the hashtag #GPnewdeal


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Readers' comments (25)

  • can you live stream me beating my head against a wall?................

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  • Can't wait !!

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  • He is in the last chance saloon now. If he delivers real tangible benefits to improve our working lives then GP can be just about brought back from the brink of total implosion. If however he produces a whole lot of dressed up nonsense as their usual track record suggests he might then he will always be remembered as the man who facilitated our destruction.

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  • How do you boil a live frog? Put it in luke warm water and gradually increase the temperature. It doesn't noticed this.

    We all need to be aware of anything that cools the GP water from its present high temperature. We must not forget that we are still on the hob and tomorrow the flame may be turned down, but it can be turned up again at any moment

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  • He had said today the NHS has to live within its means and CCGs have to fund primary care,our local CCG(Shropshire) won't even give primary care it's fair share now as all funds go to our dysfunctional financial local trust

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  • Time to apply some K-Y and bend over.

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  • Whatever this " new deal" involves, read the small print very very carefully. Do not believe any promises which are not clearly stated in writing, or any reassurances that something will only be done " in exceptional circumstances".
    Sadly I do not trust the politicians at all.

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  • Anyone really think he's going to doing anything other than continue what he's already started is bonkers ... a new contract? ...with no consultation? ...imposed from above? fanfare and excited circumstances?

    If you put a turd on a silver plate, with a salad garnish, cherrys and a cocktail umbrella ...get a butler to wheel it out under an embossed lid on a trolley and then present it with a grand speech talking transformation and new beginnings'll still be looking at a turd on a plate.

    This is what we'll be getting tomorrow.

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  • predictions

    1. 'encourage' federation and merging to large practices
    2. 'encourage' move to salaried to 'control' workload and stabilize t&cs
    3. move to 'support' GPs with Physician Ass. & Pharmacists
    4. it will too dangerous for him to suggest that foreign GPs should be brought it - so there will be measures to 'encourage' medical students to train as GPs e.g. golden hellos with indemnity cover for set period eg 5 years in a deprived area.
    5. opening up of managing primary care to anyone (private or state) whilst GPs are employed as salaried the reasoning will be to reduce our paperwork and so allow us more time to see patients.
    6. no new money but recycled from somewhere

    basically any measure that will end independent practice so we become totally controlled and another cog in the wheel. run while you can.

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  • It has always been about big business grabbing money and power. Politicians are in their pay. GPs are the worker bees who are currently 'playing up'. So there will be a little honey, but don't be fooled GPs are there only to make money for the elite.

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