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Jeremy Hunt launches possible PM bid

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is 'seriously considering' running for the Prime Minister job on a ticket pledging a second Brexit vote, he has announced today.

Mr Hunt made the comments on ITV's Good Morning Britain, following a comment piece in the Telegraph where he wrote about his plans for how to put the EU exit to the public once more.

He was a supporter for the Remain campaign.

Mr Hunt said the UK should not begin the process to leave the EU 'before setting the clock ticking, we need to negotiate a deal and put it to the British people, either in a referendum or through the Conservative manifesto at a fresh general election'.

He said the referendum has shown 'that the country has rejected the free movement of people as it currently operates', adding: 'The people have spoken - and Parliament must listen. Britain must and will leave the EU. But we did not vote on the terms of our departure.

Under Mr Hunt's plans, the UK would negotiate a 'Norway plus' option, meaning 'full access to the single market with a sensible compromise on free movement rules'.

Asked this morning if he would throw his hat in the ring for the Tory leadership, Mr Hunt said: 'I am seriously considering it. Nominations close on Thursday lunchtime. But what I want to do now is start making an argument as to what we do next as a country.

'This is a big, big change and, you know, if we get it right we can succeed.'

In the lead-up to the EU referendum, the health secretary blasted Leave campaigners 'bogus claims' that £350m of EU contributions could be spent on NHS each week - a pledge UKIP leader Nigel Farage last week said had been 'a mistake'.

Mr Hunt's comments come as quite the u-turn on just two months ago, in the midst of the junior doctor contract row, when he said health secretary was likely his 'last big job in politics'.

Speaking on the eve of the first all-out strike of junior doctors in NHS history, Mr Hunt said that although health secretaries were ‘never popular’, history would be judging him on whether he took ’tough and difficult decisions that enabled the NHS to deliver high-quality care for patients’.

It also comes as Parliament was forced to call a debate last year following a petition signed by more than 220,000 members of the public calling for Mr Hunt's resignation as health secretary.

Readers' comments (37)

  • Hobson's we want a "megalomaniac" as health secretary or controlling the whole country...

    Thing is he will start treating the other EU countries as if they are GPs next.

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  • Mr Mephisto

    He has made a complete mess of the NHS. Now that he has successfully "made love" to the NHS he wants to "make love" to the whole country. Go "love yourself" Jeremy.

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  • Delusions of grandeur. Hunt needs sectioning.

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  • Vinci Ho

    Ha ha ha
    'absolutely fabulous', I luuuv it.
    As I probably got most things wrong this two weeks(even England was beaten by a small country of only 300,000 in Euro 2016 and one should stock up even more US dollars before the referendum !), I was always believing that Agent Hunt would step up as a candidate for the PM job one day. He is so willing to exploit and boast on his 'success'(he is claiming triumph on The Battle of JD no matter what) . Then one would ask , ' what is the quality requirement of a politician and hence a PM?' Arrogance , a tick ; Double standard , a tick ; Self inflation spinning , a tick etc.
    I am honestly more interested as well as worried about the JD's referendum result .
    Perhaps , an education for people from this EU referendum is seeing the 'different faces' ( man of many faces , sorry my GOT's reference again ) pre and post referendum from both camps (Remain and Leave).
    Will he treat EU like us? Not so sure.....
    ''Power is a lot like real estate
    It is about location , location, location
    The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value''
    House of Cards

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  • Vinci Ho

    And ..
    He has got that 'lovely' smirk.....

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  • God help us all...

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  • Spare us o Lord from those who know not and know not that they know not:) Arrogance and lack of self criticism from a public servant who thinks he is a public master can be lethal. After wrecking the NHS - of which he has no realization- he is out to damn the whole country. Yeah, that's what we really yearn for as a culmination of present political turmoil.

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  • Peter Swinyard

    Fortunately, I think that if he is one of the two choices presented to Conservative party members for selection - they would rather choose anyone but him. His power base is in Haslemere and Westminster. Only.

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  • The man is an Idiot and we need to start getting out of EU now

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  • Not so much the beginning of the end as THE END.
    Biblical prophecy very relevant to UK leaving EU and inevitably Europe becomes the 10 horned beast. UK goes into sever decline as punishment for abandoning Gods word.

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