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New Scottish contract ‘is not intended to give GPs a large pay rise’

The new Scottish contract will be unlikely to bring about big pay rises for GPs, the head of Scottish GPs has told the Pulse Live audience in Glasgow.

The chair of the BMA’s Scottish GP Committee, Dr Alan McDevitt, said that the contract will address workload issues, and change the role of the GP.

Pulse reported yesterday that Dr McDevitt was ‘confident’ the proposals would offer stability and make the profession attractive to young doctors.

He told delegates today that ‘you’re not going to vote for this contract because it becomes with a pay rise’.

Scottish ministers have promised £500m for primary care by 2020 - £250m directly for general practice recurring from 2021 - and a new contract is being negotiated in which pharmacists, nurses and other primary care professionals take on a greater role to reduce pressure on GPs.

Answering a question from Pulse editor Nigel Praities on the £250m a year earmarked to support GPs, Dr McDevitt said: ‘Practices will see it being used in direct support, for example for all these new staff.

‘Is it going straight into your account to be used as profit? Probably not. It is not intended to give you a large pay rise. You’re not going to vote for this contract because it becomes with a pay rise - let’s be honest about that.’

However, he added that this is not the ‘expressed intent’ of the contract. He said: ‘It is also true that most of the problems we have are not about income. Income is an issue. But most people don’t say “if I got a 5% pay rise, I’d be happy”. The new contract is solving the problems we do have.’

Among the detail announced so far includes a wider healthcare team taking over some jobs traditionally done by the GP, including some chronic disease management, routine checks, and drug monitoring.

GPs will have access to NHS-run services including prescribing and treatment room services to reduce their workload.

The proposed new contract has been designed to free GPs to focus on complex patients, making diagnoses, and improving patient outcomes, Dr McDevitt said.

The BMA will poll the profession on the new contract after a special LMCs conference on 1 December.

Readers' comments (12)

  • Sounds like a damp squibb .A failed firework,a fudge,this will not address the dire situation I am afraid.Same old BS trotted out,missed the point.

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  • National Hopeless Service

    Answers on a postcard;

    The new Scottish contract is intended to.........

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  • Hmmm, no pay rise eh? Can see this engaging the profession, let's just piss the money away on Noctors and paramoctors and any other half trained bugger who will not take overall responsibility. Fibromyalgia and the worried well will be all that is left for us.
    Guess it will be a no Alan, just give us the money and we will deliver, don't and we won't be able to. General Practice is so cost conscious and efficient because we have to be, not so the rest of the NHS

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  • David Banner

    In the last 10 years GP partners have done a lot more work for a lot less pay (with a load of CQC/appraisal style crap thrown in for fun). It's not rocket science to figure out why partnerships are collapsing, and you don't need to be a genius to know how fix it. Weasley worded contracts that don't deliver will only hasten our exit, with no hope of recruiting replacements.

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  • Excellent.

    Cant wait to spend my time answering trivial queries from noctors.

    I assume the buck will still ultimately stop with us GPs?

    What happens when inevitably HSCPs cant fill these noctor roles - does it get passed back as unfunded work to practices?

    Look to the future - its salaried

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  • 5 percent . A large pay rise? It’s just over inflation

    I’m sorry, but income is an issue. A real term pay cut every year for 9 years with every prospect of more to come is another reason for youngsters to avoid the profession.

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  • The usual BS. Help that is not really help but work in a slightly different way.

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  • AlanAlmond

    Why the f&@k is anyone still a GP
    This won’t help anything
    Please can we have another 10 years without any pay increase. Please spit in my coffee on your way out and be sure to fart too. GPs are worthless and there to be used ..the working mission statement of the NHS

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  • As said above; new staff but not directly employed by practices. The GP will remain chief buck stopper. Deck chairs on the Titanic no longer being shuffled; some inexperienced deck chair attendants are being appointed instead.

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