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A faulty production line

Dr Maureen Baker: 'I certainly won't be leading a campaign to scrap independent contractor status'

RCGP chair-elect Dr Maureen Baker tells Pulse that she does not support her predecessor’s call for GPs to become salaried.

Dr Baker said that she thought there were benefits having a ‘mixed economy’ of partners and salaried GPs and that the RCGP would not be campaigning to get rid of GPs’ independent contractor status.

Dr Baker also spoke with Pulse reporter Sofia Lind about the racism row over the MRCGP exam and her concerns over GP funding at the Best Practice conference in Birmingham.

Readers' comments (10)

  • I like this Chair. She has charisma and charm. She is very considered in her opinions and seems like she is a force for good. Every best wish and strength to your term.

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  • Well said Dr Baker. The previous chair leaves an awful legacy for the RCGP: loss of funding for the RCGP to support commissioning; alienation of GP partners because of support for salaried in place of a GP partnership model; a PR disaster around the discrimination issue. Why was an attempt made, by the Chair, to stop the editor of the BMJ publishing a research article ( see last Sunday's Independent)?; 3 years of reduced funding in primary care; poor press about GPs; reduced political influence - remember the misjudged olive branch letter to Cameron a few days before The Bill; and a college with serious financial challenges. I hope you will draw a line under the last 3 years and win back respect for the college by all GPs and those in political circles.

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  • Go Mo!

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  • Why does the interviewer laugh when she mentions the CSA debacle? How inappropriate. Stick to written journalism.

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  • I love the ICS, but it has become a stick for the DOH

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  • A stick indeed the better to beat us with us. Imposed Contracts with impossible targets and workloads. It is not ICS at all. ICS implies mutual agreement. It is no longer that. Much as I think the ICS is wonderful, it has become very one-sided, the Govt. exploits the lack of protection that salaried service brings. Do you know any group in the NHS which has had a 20 % fall in income in 10 years ? Only us. Still want ICS?

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  • I wish someone would do a survey of employment practice on those employed by independent contractors.

    I have worked for 8 GP practices (the last being 9 years) since 1999 and 7 of them has abysmal working conditions and flaunted the law. Even the one that appeared professionally run, I left, due to the incessant bullying of the practice manager and the GPs only being interested in the financial, rather than moral aspects of running that practice.

    I was sacked from two of them withing the first 6 months because I dared to complain about patient and/or staff care and one of these was a training practice.

    I am not convinced those practices that do appear professional and have caring and good management are actually aware of what goes on in neighbouring practices.

    When I tried to voice my concerns with my MP, he just stuttered and stammered and said the meeting I had arranged was not an appropriate method of airing my experiences.

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  • Doubt if this will make any difference - the service will be salaried as partners will find it financially inviable to stay

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  • ''independent'' status........mmmmmm just what are we ''independent'' to do dr Baker ?? other than hire and fire receptionists?? if they say dont prescribe a drug are u independent enough to say that we will??? if they cut your funding are u independent enough to say that we will have to reduce services???

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  • It doesn't matter.We've reached the tipping point.VTS places are lying empty.GP recruitment is becoming a huge problem in many parts.With 8am-8pm 7 days a week just around the corner there is nothing attractive about GP anymore.I am so glad that the message is finally getting through to the young doctors.KEEP AWAY FROM GENERAL PRACTICE!!!

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