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Practices' income cut by thousands as NHS England devalues QOF

Exclusive: NHS England has confirmed to Pulse that the value of a QOF point will not be increased this year, meaning all practices in England will lose thousands of pounds for the work they are currently undertaking.

Pulse warned last week that NHS England had refused to confirm they would upgrade the value of a QOF point in line with increases to the average practice list size, meaning £2,000 will be wiped off the value of QOF for an average practice even if they maintain levels of performance.

The GPC said last week that it was pushing NHS England to agree to raise the value, as QOF experts claimed it would wipe out the gains from the 0.28% uplift to the global sum, and to some practices it could pose a bigger problem than the MPIG withdrawal.

However, an NHS England spokesperson today told Pulse: ‘As part of the consultation on the 2013/14 GMS contract changes, the Department of Health set out its proposal to increase the Contractor Population Index (CPI) on an annual basis. The Department indicated that, for future years, it would be for the negotiating parties to discuss whether the price per point in the Quality and Outcomes Framework should be adjusted to reflect any change in CPI.

‘The GPC raised this issue during the negotiations for the 2014/15 contract. However, the negotiating parties agreed that they would consider the issue further with a view to addressing it in future years. As a consequence, this issue did not feature in the final negotiated agreement with the GPC.’

Asked to clarify whether that meant that NHS England would definitely not be addressing the issue for 2014/15, the spokesperson confirmed: ‘Yes – it’s final.’

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey said: ‘We now need to find a way of reconciling the loss for the profession and also find a way to ensure that this is not a recurring issue every year.’

Readers' comments (25)

  • Well done GPC, another loss to the profession. I'm sorry but your negotiation team is a joke if you can't even get basics like ensuring QoF payment is negotiated.

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  • Inflation will reduce this further . CPI = consumer price index ; or Contractor

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  • not to apologize for GPC, but they are only as strong as we are.

    We are a divided profession - partners, salaried gp's and part time gp's have very different agendas.

    Until we deal with this we cannot negotiate with any strength

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  • Vinci Ho

    Chaand and Richard,
    One can look at this matter in a different angle: while you might be helpless to stop this insult , one wants to be damned sure this government will go into full bankruptcy of trust and credibility in 12 months time.
    How to achieve? Your wisdom .....
    Remember it is a game of politics(thrones).....

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  • Would our GPC elected representatives care to publicly apologise for mismanaging said negotiations with DOH.

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  • The F U GP index is now 100 % .

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  • The political decision has long been taken that single handed practices are to be phased out.If you belong to a large multi-GP partner practice you have nothing to worry.

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  • NHS E and MPs, complete scum the lot of them

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  • Can all multi partner practices split into 8 separate partnerships - then the whole country will rake in the qof money.

    Or all retiring/ departing GPs stay on with a single patient in their own practice - perhaps a fellow GP - thus driving down practice size.

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  • This is a stealth manoeuvre a bit like putting up NI rather than Income Tax. It was clearly the DoH plan all along, together with a number of other brutal changes made in last year's contract imposition.

    If the £/point had been reduced by 2% (and the average Contrator Registered Population been kept the same as it had for the past 10 years) then the profession would have been up in arms, though the effect of this change is identical. As it is the vast majority of GPs do not understand the intricacies of the maths, so this will be forgotten about in a fortnight unless the GPC takes a proper stand.

    To anonymous 9.04pm, just to clarify: failure to negotiate a further increase in the £/point corresponding to the decrease in CPI will mean ALL practices will lose 2% on next year's QOF, whatever their size.

    This is a particularly despicable act as this money is not being redistributed or put back into the global sum. This is a 2% loss of QOF money (for the same amount of work) which is lost to the profession and being trousered by the government instead.

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