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Dr Chaand Nagpaul: 'This is a kick in the teeth for GPs'

GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul gives his reaction to the Government’s announcement on GP funding.

Today’s announcement from the Government on doctors’ pay is a kick in the teeth for GPs at a time when there is overwhelming evidence that GP workload is escalating to an unsustainable level while resources are continuing to fall in real terms. General practice is carrying out an estimated 340 million consultations this year, up 40 million from 2010, and are at the forefront of treating the 18 million patients in the community suffering long term conditions.

It beggars belief to suggest that an 0.28% uplift in the GP contract will translate into a 1% increase in GP pay at a time when expenses are projected to continue to accelerate. This decision fails to recognise the expanding role and workload in general practice that shows no signs of abating.

It will inevitably result in yet another pay cut. To add insult to injury, this decision comes on the back of several years of effective pay cuts. GPs will justifiably feel they are being unfairly treated as well as devalued. This settlement will also be a blow to patient services as it will effectively reduce resources for GP practices and frontline services.

Large numbers of GPs over the age of 50 are considering retiring or quitting early because GP morale is being completely undermined. Job satisfaction is at its lowest level since 2001 and we are seeing record numbers of GPs reporting high levels of stress. Not investing in general practice will make it even harder to retain and recruit more GPs. This is at total odds with the government’s stated aim of expanding the GP workforce and giving general practice the resources it needs to deliver more care in community settings.

Today’s announcement is likely to make the morale and workforce crisis in general practice much worse.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul is chair of the GPC

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  • and................................

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  • We know it's a kick in the teeth. The question is: what is the BMA going to do about it?

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  • Consultant are paid more than GPs most of the time, have final salary pensions where the employer pays rather than the GP and have a very controlled workload and relatively less red tape. The tories like consultants but hate GPs. There is no logic to this. It is only GPs who can save the NHS. More consultants equals more money for less return.
    I have come to the conclusion that Hunt is actually a moron rather than cunning.

    Quite frankly, I want the NHS to collapse sooner rather than later. The sooner we all go, the sooner a new NHS can emerge from the nuclear waste which actually values GPs.

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  • Approaching 55 and taking ver. Last straw and it will get worse . doesn't matter what party is running the country in 20 5 . We are all in this together.

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  • Plan to give a kick into teeth to this Government by quitting NHS and going for strike in election year. Let have some spine than groans and moans to make them think they cannot get away- that is the only way to go

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  • Sorry Chaand but they've made a fool out of you and your contract negotiations. Saying that, this was always going to happen unless increased funding or pay was negotiated into the contract.

    Agree with 5.25 - the sooner they put the NHS out of its misery the better. This year it was saved by a mild winter but wait till the next harsh winter or flu epidemic and there will be carnage as it will become apparent that we no longer have a First World Health Service no matter how much everyone talks it up.
    I hope the current Government will still be in power then.
    What I don't understand is that we are providing the most essential of services but are unable to negotiate deals that reflect that.
    We might think we are smarter than a tube driver, the reality is we aren't - we and our leaders are just sad and spineless and our patients will suffer as a result of this.

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  • ? Time for undated mass resignation from the NHS.

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  • The government will only listen when votes are at stake . Access to general practice is no reducing because falling numbers of GP's and workload is rising . It won't be long but I'm not hanging around to watch . I'm off.

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  • And with pension increases, it is a hatchet.

    agree, undated mas resignation

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  • clearly this is part of the historic shift of resources from secondary to primary care!!!!!!!typical politicians..say one thing to the precisely the say mendacious ant two faced is only the start

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