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What does the new GP contract include?

A summary of what the 2015/16 GP contract deal in England contains.

  • A named GP for all patients, including children, with a simpler requirement to inform patients at the ‘next appropriate interaction’.
  • Patients will be given online access to all coded information in their GP records online, but not free text. A larger proportion of appointments will be available to book online and GPs will also be required to offer patients email access to the practice.
  • The unplanned admissions DES will be renewed, but with the reporting template cut by half. Care plans for patients who die or move away will now count within the 2%, and those who received one during this year will have to be reviewed, but will not need a completely new care plan. A new ‘patient survey’ will be introduced.
  • Funding for locum cover for GPs on maternity and paternity will become an ‘automatic right’ for all practices.
  • No changes to the size or value of the QOF, although discussions are continuing over the NICE menu of changes to clinical indicators. Plans to hike thresholds have been put on hold for another year. Point values will be adjusted to take account of population growth and relative changes in practice list size.
  • There will be a 15% reduction in the total seniority payments as agreed in the GP 2014/15 contract
  • GPs will be required to publish their average net earnings for partners and salaried GPs on their website by March 2016, although non-contract earnings will be exempt.
  • The patient participation enhanced service will end and associated funding will be reinvested into global sum. From 1 April 2015, it will be a contractual requirement for all practices to have a patient participation group (PPG) and to make reasonable efforts for this to be representative of the practice population.
  • The alcohol enhanced service will end and associated funding will be reinvested into global sum. From 1 April 2015 it will be a contractual requirement for all practices to identify newly registered patients aged 16 or over who are drinking alcohol at increased or higher risk levels. 
  • GPC, NHS England and NHS Employers will work together to develop more consistent guidance for the provision of enhanced minor surgery services. 
  • The extended hours and learning disabilities enhanced services will be extended and unchanged for a further year. 
  • Changes to registration regulations will allow for armed forces personnel to be registered with a GP practice. 
  • Assurance on out of hours provision has been agreed to ensure that all service providers are delivering out of hours care in line with the National Quality Requirements (or any successor quality standards). 
  • NHS England and GPC will work together on workforce issues including the retainer /returner scheme, the flexible careers scheme, and recruitment problems in specific areas. 
  • GPC, NHS Employers and NHS England will have a broader strategic discussion about the primary care estate, especially to support the transfer of care into a community setting. 
  • NHS England and GPC will re-examine the Carr-Hill formula with the aim of adapting the formula to better reflect deprivation. 
  • Correction factor funding  moving into global sum will be reinvested, with no out of hours deduction applying; NHS England has agreed that any funding released from PMS reviews will be invested in primary medical care services

Source: NHS Employers, GPC and the Department of Health

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Readers' comments (7)

  • Why have a GPC to have this **** enforced on us?
    As usual things which were paid for are now compulsory- PPG for example,
    Primary Care is truly screwed.
    On a good note it will help make up their minds on those who are wavering on quitting NHS!!

    Unless GP`s decide to do something we will face more of this.

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  • This comment has been moderated.

  • Woke up this morning a bit anxious as NHSE were supposed to come in for a chat regarding List Closure.
    We had applied almost 8 weeks ago and instead of being offered a meeting/support or the opportunity to address issues, we received threats first from NHSE - that we should withdraw our application or else if this permission was declined we would not be able to apply for closure for 6 months. Then, this was reiterated by the LMC a few days later.
    Being on this forum helps and I was able to talk to LMC who agreed that one could use Clause 17 of GMS Contract to avoid taking new patients.
    History repeats itself and in the old PCT tradition, we got a phone call saying the representative of NHSE has fallen ill and there would be no meeting. In the past, I had an excuse from a Commissioner saying he would miss an appointment because his child had diarrhoea at school !! So much for integrity and accountability. Especially when you have meetings rescheduled already a couple of times.
    So from tomorrow we stop taking patients as planned date because NHSE has not bothered to discuss or give consent or even refusal to consent in 8 weeks.
    Looking now at the above Contract - I've just begun to think that the time to quit is creeping in faster than the high tide in Margate:) Why wait 2 years .....will things get any better?

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  • Sanjeev
    good for you
    let us know how you get on

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  • Anon 10.37 - Wouldn't a well run PPG be a useful source of information in running your practice?

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  • 20+ years ago when I was working in another major public service I was subject to "performance Indicators" which started out as "input" measures, moved over 5 or 6 years to "outcome" measures and which are now entrenched `obligations`. Why should anyone in the NHS think that this identical progression is any sort of a surprise? Does no-one learn from history?

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  • As long as we remain submissive, oppression will not only remain but rather escalate.

    The future of general practice in the UK is bleak

    What a shame

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  • Would we need to put practice accounts on the practice web site and share with the public ? Would any other independent business agree to do that ?

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