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Rugby promotion in schools 'will cause injuries', patients trial diabetes drug for Alzheimers and more sex leads to pay rises

A round-up of the morning’s health news headlines

The Government’s promotion of rugby in schools may harm children, a study has warned.

The researchers from Queen Mary University of London said there was ‘inadequate monitoring’ of injuries sustained by kids in the field, with the the Times and other newspapers reporting of the dangers.

The first patients have been recruited for a pioneering Alzheimers study, as scientists believe that a diabetes drug could halt the onset of the disease. If the £5m trial is successful, the drug could be marketed to treat Alzheimers within five years, writes the Daily Mail.

Study leader Dr Paul Edison, clinical senior lecturer at Imperial College London, said: ‘We’re hoping we will be able to delay the progression of the disease.’

Also reported in the Mail, a groundbreaking study has revealed that employees who have more sex get higher salaries. According to the research, people who have sex at least two or three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who have less.

Study leader Dr Nick Drydakis, of Anglia Ruskin University, said: ‘Does lack of sex lead to lower wages or lower wages lead to less sex? In the literature there are studies that have examined both effects. Celibacy results in lower wages, as well as lower wages leading to less sex.’

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Readers' comments (1)

  • And if we stop kids getting out of bed at all they will remain injury free for ever!!! Wrap them in cotton wool quilts!! Take them food and drink in plastic cups and plates!! In fact liquidize all of their burgers, pizza's and chicken nuggets so that they don't choke on the solids.!!!

    But then they'll become clinically obese and end up playing playstation games all the time resulting in diabetes, hypertension etc.etc.

    Leave the kids alone and encourage them to take up a sport. I played Rugby League (Full contact) from the age of 7 and played my last competitive game of Rugby Union at the age of 51. Yes I took a few injuries over the years but would not swap it for the world. I long for the day when an old teammate contacts me and says, "scrape the dubbing of your boots mate we're having a reunion game." I'll be off like the clappers and yes I will probably regret it for a day or too after, until I recover, but that won't stop me taking part.

    With regards to the Sex, obviously its only "earned wages" that count because the guy who has 40 kids with 20 women earns nothing but it doesn't seem to have affected his sex life!!!!

    Tosh!!! Waste of time and money!!!

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