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Gold, incentives and meh

The new antibiotic 'super-drug' and the Prime Minister put on spot for claiming A&E is performing better than ever

A round-up of the morning’s health news headlines.

Promise of a new super drug hits the health section headlines today, as soil in the US state of Maine was found to contain a ‘super-antibiotic’ capable of wiping out otherwise lethal infections.

The Daily Mail reports of hope the new drug could become ‘a powerful weapon in the war against antibiotic resistance’, as no new antibiotic has hit the market for almost 30 years.

Meanwhile a political row surrounding overburdened A&E departments deepened as the Tories and Labour went head to head in Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday. Labour leader Ed Miliband attacked the Government for ‘betraying patients’ but was accused, in turn, for using the NHS as a ‘political football’, reports the BBC.

But the Prime Minister, who had claimed that A&Es were simply busy and in fact the NHS was performing better than ever before, was also put on the spot by health workers as one A&E doctor took it upon himself to tell the papers what things are really like.

In an open letter published by the Daily Mail A&E consultant Dr Robert Galloway, who works at at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, wrote: ‘The reality is that the crisis (yes it is a crisis not just busy) in the NHS, is shown up in the corridors of the A&E departments.

‘And if you don’t believe me, please join any of the thousands of A&E staff up and down the country who are all going through the same problems.

‘Then reality might kick in; seeing people in their 90s lying in a corridor as there is no bed to go to, patients who need to go to intensive care staying for hours upon hours in A&E whilst their condition deteriorates.’

Meanwhile, as 17 ‘overflowing’ hospitals going into emergency measures in just 48 hours, A&E clinical boss Dr Andrew Simpson, of North Tees Hospital in Stockton-on-Tees, told the Mirror that he had ‘seen nothing like it’ in 25 years as a doctor.

He said: ‘We’re getting to the point where all of our rooms in A&E are so full we can’t move any patients through the system. There is nothing left. We have reached the tipping point.’

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Readers' comments (7)

  • Are we really at tipping point or is this a joint Labour/Union quest to further discredit the Government in the run up to the election??

    After all, the vast majority of Hospital Staff belong to a Union and the Labour Party are in the pockets of said Unions!!

    Food for thought that's all.

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  • A comment by an anonymous commentator suggesting that the crisis in the NHS is an invention designed purely to discredit the government, and with no basis in reality, should be ignored as trolling, possibly posted by a tory plant.

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  • The crisis in the NHS has been brought about by mr Lansleys and the Tories abortion of legislation.The Health and social care act.Shame on them,they were hoping the S~~~ wouldnt hit the fan til after the election.Well boys the hens have come home to roost!

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  • Peter I can assure you I am not a "Tory plant" nor a troll, it was meant rather" tongue in cheek" but I knew their would be a reaction, rather than discussion, as this forum is becoming more like a sounding board for anti - conservatives rather than for structured, reasoned discussion. We can all whinge and moan about the current incumbent but I will wager you that in 5 years time no matter who wins the General election we will be reading the same old same old on this forum.

    Lets face it all Politicians are in it to be in it, they don't really care about you or I, thus the reason the NHS is always the main weapon of choice for all parties in the run up to election time, but nothing improves thereafter.

    Every Government brings "Change" but NO Government ever brings "improvement" and that is simply because the NHS should not be run by Politicians but by Clinicians.

    It started in 1948, and for very good reasons, unfortunately it has continued in a downward spiral ever since and its no coincidence that the more Politicians get involved the worse it becomes.

    Changing "Tory" for "Labour" (or any one else for that matter) is not going to improve it.

    The "Clinical Collective," and it is a rather large Force, should come together as one, led by the leaders (GMC et al) and take on Government not continue to bow to their every whim as is the case currently.

    Otherwise the demise is inevitable.

    Happy New Year!!!

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  • Took Early Retirement

    I hate the Conservatives (and their Liberal poodles) BUT I hate New Liebour equally.

    So that's fair, but I feel rather disenfranchised. I shall vote UKIP I guess, but only on the basis that "my enemy's enemy is my friend".

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  • Agree wholehearedly with John Glasspool! Politics needs a dose of restructuring like the NHS has had to suffer.

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  • only problem with voting UKIP is that it may as well be a vote for Labour and God help us all if they return to Downing Street!!! Lets not forget it was they who introduced "Independent Contractor status" (Privatisation of GP's), "Private finance Initiatives" (Public Mortgages for our Grand Kids) and commenced the A&E closures programme that was continued by the current Government but was initiated under Blair's watch.

    Be careful what you wish for!!!! It doesn't matter who you vote for the Government always gets in!!!!

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