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A faulty production line

DDRB told to take account of 'continued pay restraint' when considering GP funding uplift

The Government has said it is expecting the DDRB to recommend an uplift for GP contractors, but said there was a ‘strong case’ for ‘continued pay restraint’ in a letter to the review body this week.

In the letter to the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) dated 26 August, health minister Dr Dan Poulter invited the body to make a recommendation for GP funding uplift, despite scrapping the process for employed doctors’ pay for next year.

Dr Poulter wrote: ‘We would particularly welcome DDRB’s recommendations on what allowance should be made for GPs’ […] pay and for practice staff pay, in the context of public sector pay policy for 2015/16.’

‘The Government will make the final decisions on the gross uplift for GMS… contracts in the light of the DDRB’s recommendations and taking into account any efficiency gains obtained through the relevant contract negotiations.’

This year, GPs received just a 0.28% funding uplift after the Government accepted the DDRB’s recommendation, despite the DDRB itself complaining that the approach to calculating GP expenses it is expected to use was ‘flawed’ and saying it would have ‘serious reservations’ about continuing making recommendations using the same formula.

Readers' comments (20)

  • If you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys Poulter. So decide what you want and stop making the DDRB do your dirty work. You are a traitor to doctors everywhere, and more importantly to the NHS which you're bent on destroying with your cronies

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  • ...Hang on a minute. The Government ignores the DDRB recommendations on pay when it thinks it the pay award is too much (not the case for MPs by the way) and follow it it when the award amounts to a pay cut (with expenses) as last year.

    This whole circus will end in only a few more years. That is all it will take to completely destroy UK general practice.

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  • My accounts for year to last April just prepared show my income as full time GP, including £9k seniority, is just £80000. 5 years ago it was £110000. I am working harder than I did 5 years ago.
    Obviously, at nearly 59 years of age, retirement is not on my agenda (ha ha) as my pension will be 60% of my current pay - for doing nothing - and i could always make up the difference by doing some other work.
    Why am I still here???
    I'll turn out the lights as I leave...

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  • @10:33 - I've gone down to 62000 so what's the big deal.
    The proble in NHS is corruption and serious lack of transparency at every level. In the same PCT, there are GPs being paid under similar GMS Contracts 84 pounds per patient while others 72 or 95.
    Bottom line remains - it is discrimination not just against the GP but also the whole population looked after by a Surgery because if you are paying one Surgery 95 pounds for patient care and another 72, then clearly you are discriminating against patients who seem to be lesser citizens of this country while being equal tax-payers

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  • This comment has been moderated.

  • As above said, if it is less than 1%, it will be agreed very quickly. if the recommendation is more than 1% uplift, they will say hell no, we will give 1% (or less) and thats the end. a waste of time all round really.
    No one should be doing this job for less than 100k. if you are, give up and locum. being a partner with all the risk and responsibility should not be worth less than 100K.

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  • 11.00am are you a troll?? you can not think that any of that argument is rational!!! my area has a life expectancy some 20years a head lower than say Bury St edmunds and demand more care, so if everyone was paid the same per patient there would be even more inequality in healthcare.. i could go on but its friday and you are either a troll or stupid :)

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  • "I wonder whether your colour of skin or affiliations have something to do with it. "

    Dr Juneja, you do race equality a massive disservice when you raise it when clearly inappropriate. What on Earth would make you think that difference in pay between GP practices is anything at all to do with skin colour?

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  • The bottom line re peanuts and monkeys, and pay vs workload, is that while GPs continue to take the pay cuts, and continue to absorb the work, and continue to race to meet the targets, for decreasing income and increasing media bile and ridicule, HMG are laughing all the way to the bank, until Partners actually start to walk away and hand contracts back, until GPs genuinely demonstrate there is no future in the current funding mechanism and that current pay
    is no longer sustainable, why on earth would the DOH and HMG do anything different?
    Just complaining will never get us anywhere, leaving practices and moving the problem of provision onto the shoulders of NHS England is what will get us results.

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  • The Tories keep on about "Market Forces" running the health service.

    There are not going to be any GPs in the near future...thats "Market forces!!"

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  • @11:26; Dear PM, Trolls don't put their name to it and yes, I am slowly getting stupid in this system. Congratulations if you have not starting losing your sanity yet:)
    By the way, I am talking of price per weighted patient and I believe weightage takes into account a lot of things including deprivation, rurality etc. I hope this helps you to to understand what I am trying to put forward. And by the way, don't call people stupid if you don't have the balls to put your name to the post. (oops, if you are female)

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