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Independents' Day

QOF to be removed in Scotland by 2017, promises health minister

The Scottish Government has committed to completely removing QOF from the GP contract by 2017, the minister for health in Scotland announced today.

Speaking at the RCGP’s annual conference, Scottish health secretary Shona Robison said the QOF’s ‘time had passed’ and confirmed her department was working with the BMA to develop an alternative system in time for the new Scottish contract to be implemented in 2017.

Describing plans for the new contract, which will be three years and is set to radically overhaul general practice in Scotland, Ms Robison said: ’I can..  announce today that I’ve instructed my officials to work with the BMA to dismantle the Quality and Outcomes Framework in preparation for the new contract in 2017.’

She added: ’We’ll do that by developing a transitional arrangement for quality in 16/17 in Scotland. The QOF has delivered many innovations but its time has passed. Scotland’s GPs need a new and different future starting in 2016.’

Ms Robison said she wanted the new system to be based on ’values-driven governance that reflects and is sensitive to the different needs of different communuties you serve, allowing the  best use of expertise to be shared across clusters of practices’.

The removal of QOF in Scotland has been on the cards in the past few months, after the Scottish LMCs conference voted for the framework to be removed in March, a motion that was supported by the GPC.

Under proposals being looked at by Scottish ministers, GPs will move ‘as close to salaried as possible’, and will give up employing practice staff and potentially have contractual limits set on their workload.


Readers' comments (7)

  • Will HMRC decide that "as close to salaried as possible" is, in fact, salaried - and if so, what happens to the "independent contractor status"?
    If GPs give up employing practice staff, who will employ them, will GPs have either say or control over their employment, training/CPD and skill mix?
    And has the problem of premises ben sorted yet? What happens to GP-owned surgeries?
    This 'solution' might solve some problems while creating or exacerbating others..

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  • so many unanswered questions. who will employ the GPs and how much will they be expecting GPs to work for the pittance they will pay them.

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  • Having attended the roadshows with regards to the new Scottish contract in April 2017, the suggestions has been to have a contract that is protective to GPs as being as close to salaried but still retaining independent contractor status- reducing GP risk with a minimum core of staff that we actually employ/oversee. The details remain to be seen. So much talk so far but we need to see what is on offer as soon as possible. My resignation as a partner is dependant on these details.

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  • WHY THE DELAY!?!?!?!

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  • Hmm, I sense that yet again politicians and their civil servants and lawyers have concocted a scheme that will totally outwit the gentleman-amateur negotiators of the BMA/GPC, and 2 or 3 years down the line the scottish govt will announce that the logical development of the situation forced on them by the EU/outsiders/circumstances etc is to make an ever so tiny change that converts all GPs into their wage slaves with micro-management of GP time.

    Have GPs learned nothing? Obviously not. Any scheme originating from a politician is good for them and bad for you.

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  • Thank goodness QoF will be dumped. Who thought it was a good idea in the first place? Oh yes the GPC negotiators!!

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  • Good
    Please abolish this depraved abortion nationally
    Even a tradesman would be offended by this ludicrous bullying micromanaging offering piecework little more than bribes
    For heavens sake we are professionals
    The insanity of many of the tick boxes like the beyond surreal exercise one is astonishing
    I am sure it has been a large contribution to low GP morale by treating us like idiots,wasting vast amounts of valuable consulting time filling largely pathetic irrelevant boxes ,making patients mistrust our motives ,intrusively and too frequently asking patients about lifestyle so probably actually reducing concordance
    Why on earth would gps not want to do the best for their patients for their own professional satisfaction?
    This and peer clinical governance would avoid all this and be infinitely more efficient
    END IT.

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