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Value of QOF point increases to £165

The value of a QOF point has increased from the beginning of this month to £165.18, to reflect the growth in average GP practice list size.

The average list size has been recorded as 7,460 as of 1 January this year, the NHS Employers and BMA guidance said.

The value of the QOF point needs to increase with list size or GP practices are automatically paid less for the associated work.

But, having previously increased automatically, the value of a QOF point has been subject to negotiation since 2013, when the Government imposed a range of contractual terms on the profession.

Pulse exclusively revealed in April 2014 that NHS England would not be increasing the QOF point value for that financial year, meaning practices lost thousands of pounds, but the GPC has successfully negotiated increases since.

Readers' comments (7)

  • Value of QOF point increases eh?

    Basic maths eludes journos it seems.

    This is £2.2142 per 100 patients.

    Last year £160.15 per 7223 patients.

    This is £2.2172 per 100 patients.

    Increase my ar$e.

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  • make the average list bigger (increase denominator)= claw back. And then a bit of fiddling with national prevalence factors, and they claw back a bit more from everyone. Relentlesslessly change qualifying Read codes (ie change 'dementia review' to 'dementia care plan review') and they catch out a few more practices. Throw in a few 'episode types' and you catch out a few more. It's death by a thousand cuts

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  • Why not just give it a £x / registered patient?

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  • If you are above average you will see marginal gain (5p at 10k patients) but close to or below average likely to be an overall loss.

    We will shortly see Carr-Hill shuffle many small practices off the cliff edge - together with the differential cost per patient of CQC (over double the price per patient for small practices) and the impacts of a dozen other issues.

    Tescopoly here we come.

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  • QOF point value increased by 3.1% and average population increased by... 3.1% so your unlikely to see an increase unless your practice population increased enough to cover the drop in your relative CPI.
    Interestingly the increase in average practice size means that the HSCIC are saying 1.7 million extra patients have registered with GPs in England.
    All a bit worrying if we can't get 5000 extra GPs in the next 4 years to look after the extra 6.8 million patients.

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  • 10:36 how did you work out the extra 1.7 million patients, genuinely interested on how this was calculated.

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  • 12:29 the average population increased by 227 and with a over 7500 practices in the UK 227x7500=1702500. Only thing this illustrates is that the average population increase is a fictional number picked to match the increase in QOF point value.

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