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GPs go forth

GP leaders declare war on the CQC

GP leaders have voted for the CQC to be decommissioned and the money be reinvested in frontline services.

The near-unanimous vote at the LMCs Conference saw GPs sharing their experiences of the CQC’s inspection process, which was described as ‘incompetent and bullying’.

Coventry LMC vice chair and GPC member Dr Grant Ingrams, presenting the motion, said: ‘CQC have proved themselves to be an expensive and incompetent body that do not learn from their own mistakes. There is no evidence of value for money and at a time of austerity CQC should be the next against the wall to be cut.’

He concluded by naming the regulator ‘incompetent, bullying, bureaucratic waste of money’.

Dr Paul Cundy, GPC member and representing Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth LMC, shared an experience of a difference in opinion about what had happened during a CQC inspection.

He said: ‘So my advice, conference, and listen to this, is that you voice record all your interviews with CQC.’

Meanwhile, GPC member Dr Krishna Kasaraneni entertained with a story of CQC bureaucracy which allowed him to register with ‘Batman’ as his middle name but not his real middle name.

It comes after GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul opened the conference yesterday with a call to end CQC’s ‘Ofsted-style’ inspection ratings.

The CQC has previously been involved in a number of controversies surrounding GPs, including the so-called ‘maggotgate’ affair and was forced to withdraw and apologise for its flawed ‘intelligent monitoring’ pre-inspection data.

The motion in full:

COVENTRY: That conference deplores the bureaucratic and incompetent nightmare of the CQC, and demands that it is decommissioned forthwith and that the funding is reinvested in frontline services.

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Readers' comments (22)

  • As GPs, I feel we really need to get over this and accept CQC is here to stay - we come across as a constant whinging lot (with good reason usually but the public don't see this).

    There are ratings for schools, hospitals, for private business on tripadvisor etc etc and is part of life nowadays.

    Our GP 'leaders', should be focussing on the unrealistic 7 day opening, recruitment and retention and other issues which we maybe able to influence at an early stage rather than asking to stop CQC visits which a lot of us are prepared for now

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  • In other news, Turkeys vote to abolish Christmas.

    The LMC have not voted for one thing that means we take control of our destinies.

    Gov will be giggling at the wish list served up by the impotent BMA.

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  • About as likely as 7 day working .

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  • GP leaders vote to abolish winter / parking tickets / the word 'poppycock'

    what does it matter what they vote for?

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  • To pass a CQC inspection with flying colours, a huge amount of resource has to be diverted from the practice. This comes at huge expense. The gains for patients will be minimal at best for most practices. In diverting these resources, there will undoubtedly be less appointments availabe for patients, which is the real cost/impact. Therefore, CQC will encourage sugeries 'glossy on the outside' , but could actually harm patient care due to needless resources diverted.

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  • THE DAILY MAIL is, in my opinion, partly responsible for this mess. They have aggressively terrorised GPs for years-writing hundreds if not thousands of "political propaganda" anti-GP articles and now we have the result......a GP meltdown. Jeremy Hunt should be enraged by THE DAILY MAIL and should be demanding an immediate and unconditional apology for their "moral crimes".

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  • Any chance of voting to abolish that other incompetent useless bullying organisation, the GMC?

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  • Morons.
    If you want to kill the CQC, don't vote for someone else to do it for you - vote for complete diengagement from the proffession, get your mates to resign from it and remove its clinical authority, attack its methods and acuracy and push it over the edge.
    Considering our proffession is supposed to house some of the finest minds in our nation, this is utterly brainless.
    Just another reason why I'm going. There is no one who represents us anymore.

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  • @ 12.28 pm. Agree. Unless this vote is coupled with a decision not to co=operate or engage with CQC it is impotent. But then we have people branding the LMC Conference useless. God help us!

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  • Lot of hot air. Until you are prepared to strike, the Govt will ignore you.

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