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In full: Unplanned admissions DES specification

Read the full guidance for the unplanned admissions DES published today

Click here to download the full specifications for the unplanned admissions DES

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  • Just read through all the details. Seems a lot of work for a little money!

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  • Once again, Primary Care is being asked to solve the financial crisis for the whole of the NHS, but with no additional funds to resource the work that will be required to meet this DES. Primary Care is already on its knees and now we have to find time to agree care plans with 200 patients/carers/family by the end of June. I could go on about reviewing all A&E admissions etc etc There is clearly a view out there that we all sit around twiddling our thumbs all day. I am not against doing things differently at all and we all want to improve how we deliver services, but constantly increasing the workload without any thought as to how we can manage it within existing resources is a strategy that is set to fail. Of course the politicians can always blame the GPs as that is what they always do.

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  • 20 billion cut in NHS funding. We GPs have to bear the brunt of these cuts plus all this absolute rubbish. No work is ever taken away.
    The GPC is just useless.

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  • should we all resign?-I would suggest a date just after the next election if the tory party are returned and inform the public of our intentions-the gpc are a joke and our leaders cannot take on the government and doh-they do not have what it takes

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  • look - just roll up your sleeves and get on with it !

    we've got to save the NHS and think of the patients.

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  • My concern is where is the evidence.
    DES for unplanned- 2% of population/ 75+ care will mean gos will have no time to care for the other 99% of their patients. This yet another interference on how pts shoudl be managed on a shoe string budget. The premsie thsi giverment work from is that GPs admit pts for the fun of it!.
    The financial crisis is due to lack of funding, Govt promises to public that they can have everything under the sun and ever 'misuse of of services' by the public.
    More funding is needed if this cannot be raised by taxes and ring fenced than start charging a fee for pt visting GPs to fund their surgeries from this income.
    There needs to a polictiacl admission to the need of more funding--> if it continues I anticipate an exodus of drs abroad.

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  • I feel GPs need to prioratise what the can achieve and leave what they cannot, afetr all thsi is a voluntary DES
    We will be considering whether to abondoned teh 20k for a better provison to all our pts , rather than concentarting on a minority and discrimating the majority

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    (from the way I read it):

    Miss the overall year 2% avg per quarter and money is all taken back for the hard work done.

    Target population at risk 2% is re evaluated quarterly. "should the circumstances of any patient change during the year, resulting in their removal from the register, practices will need to identify additional patients .... to ensure 2% is maintained'.

    Producing a plan for a patient is likely to remove them from the 2% target group (if this is evidence based medicine) so we are looking at potentially doing a plan for 8% of the practice or loose the funding for work done.

    It is a significant loss of finance not to do it, but also a significant waste of time if you do the work and the money is taken back.

    Is it another 7% pay cut this year for hard working GPs ?

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  • I will have to loose my NHS pension contribution to maintain income at this rate. what else is there left to cut ?

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