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Updated Moderna vaccine shows strong response against new Omicron variants

…participants, a 50µg booster dose produced ‘potent neutralising antibody responses’ against the Omicron subvariants BA.

23 June 2022

NHS England sets out preliminary plans for autumn Covid boosters

GPs will be able to opt in to the delivery of autumn Covid booster jabs but the programme must not ‘rely too heavily’ on practices, NHS England has said.

23 June 2022

GPs asked to seek out immunosuppressed who have not had spring Covid booster

NHS England has asked GPs to run searches for immunosuppressed patients who have yet to have their ‘spring’ Covid booster jab.

17 June 2022

NHS has begun work on national vaccination service

…should receive another Covid booster vaccine in the autumn.

20 May 2022

JCVI recommends autumn Covid boosters for over-65s, vulnerable and health workers

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended that certain at-risk groups should receive another Covid booster vaccine in the autumn.

20 May 2022

Vaccination may lessen existing long Covid symptoms, ONS analysis suggests

…covid, in particular the impact of the Omicron variant, which has become dominant in the UK, booster doses, now widely available to adults in the population, and reinfections,’ they added….

19 May 2022

GP vaccine incentives could have ‘unintended consequences’ on other jab uptake, NICE warns

…around one in five over-75s have not yet received a spring booster.

18 May 2022

Just 7% of children aged 5-11 have presented for Covid vaccination

…those eligible to come forward for the vaccine as soon as possible as around one in five over-75s have not yet received a spring Covid booster jab.

16 May 2022

One in five over-75s has not yet taken up spring Covid booster

Around one in five over-75s have not yet received a spring Covid booster jab, according to new data.

13 May 2022

GPs to chase immunosuppressed and housebound patients for Covid boosters

NHS England has urged practices to help identify immunosuppressed and housebound patients who are eligible for a spring Covid booster but have not yet received one.

06 May 2022

Over one third of GP practices forced to stop routine care in the past year

…daily and will often do so in the morning.

03 May 2022

Almost all patient-facing GPs and staff have Covid vaccination

More than 95% of GP practice staff have now had two doses of Covid vaccine and 88% have had a third booster dose, the latest NHS figures show.

29 April 2022

QOF should be scrapped but metrics retained, says Jeremy Hunt

…capacity for delivery of the expanded Covid booster programme.

26 April 2022

MHRA approves Moderna Covid vaccine for children aged 6-11

…use in the age group last month.

19 April 2022

Doctors request new Covid restrictions as one million have spring jab

…people’ had so far received a spring booster since the rollout began last month.

14 April 2022

Valneva’s inactivated Covid vaccine approved for UK use

…aware that protection will only start after two doses’.

14 April 2022

Wales to extend expanded flu vaccine programme

…managing a winter outbreak of Covid.

13 April 2022

GPs no longer have to put signature on fit notes

…issue fit notes as before, including signing them in ink.

08 April 2022

Hospitals forced to divert patients amid Covid pressures

booster programme,’ he said.

07 April 2022

Some GP practices face losing up to £66k in child immunisation payments

…DTP booster at five years: Seven points at 87% increasing to the full 18 at 95%.

05 April 2022

GP practices told to resume Friends and Family Test this week

…April 2020 to free up time for practices to focus on Covid, but was reintroduced from October in the same year.

29 March 2022

Immunosuppressed to show doctor note or medication to receive spring Covid booster

The NHS has launched the next phase of its Covid vaccination programme for people eligible for a spring booster jab today.

21 March 2022

GP QOF system should be scrapped, says RCGP chair

…details of the temporary contract change aimed at freeing up GPs for Covid boosters.

15 March 2022

GP vaccine sites offering ‘value for money’ to continue Covid jabs until September

…to ensure GPs are not asked to stop routine care again.

14 March 2022

Back to the future

We should look ahead and give PCNs the space to innovate for their local populations, says Victoria Vaughan Winter draws to a close.

14 March 2022

Pulse Q&A with Northern Ireland health minister: ‘GP model not offering work-life balance’

…Our GPs alone administered in the region of 1.

09 March 2022

Free flu jabs scrapped for 50-64s as expanded campaign returns to normal

…same time as GPs were administering a booster campaign at speed.

04 March 2022

Joining the dots

…around PCNs as CCGs disappear and ICS organisations come to the fore.

03 March 2022

In full: NHS England letter on 2022/23 GP contract changes

…their work to support the COVID booster programme.

01 March 2022

Walk-in pharmacy service could save 40 million GP appointments a year, say negotiators

…to community pharmacies while prioritising Covid booster jabs, but must make a proper referral to the CPCS for the patient’s minor illness symptoms.

28 February 2022

Adverse effects of Covid vaccines

…temporary suspension of this requirement, for individuals without a history of allergy.

28 February 2022

Clinically extremely vulnerable ‘no longer’ at increased risk unless immunosuppressed

…published on Friday, said: ‘Most people who were identified as CEV are now well protected after receiving their primary and booster vaccination doses.

28 February 2022

Covid vaccine DES to continue but must not impact ‘core’ GP services, says NHS England

…are ‘not expected’ to be the ‘primary delivery model’ for the spring Covid booster jab programme.

28 February 2022

CQC scrapping access-focused GP inspections

…unannounced inspections, while GPs were focusing on the Covid booster programme.

25 February 2022

Covid vaccinations to be incorporated into routine immunisation programme in Wales

…‘primary delivery model’ for the spring Covid booster jab programme.

24 February 2022

Autumn Covid boosters could cover all over-50s starting from September

Local areas should prepare to potentially offer Covid boosters to all patients aged over 50, and those who are vulnerable, from September, NHS England has said.

24 February 2022

GPs ‘not expected’ to lead spring Covid booster programme, says NHS England

PCN vaccination sites are ‘not expected’ to be the ‘primary delivery model’ for the spring Covid booster jab programme, NHS England has said.

24 February 2022

Vulnerable patients to receive additional Covid boosters in spring and autumn

Over-75s, care home residents and over-12s who are immunosuppressed will receive an additional Covid booster jab from spring.

21 February 2022

Javid says GP access getting ‘back to normal’ on England tour 

…we’re past the worst of that, services are getting back to normal.

17 February 2022

UK set to pilot fourth Covid jab modified for Omicron variant

…hospitalisation was 90 to 95% up to nine weeks after vaccination with a Moderna booster.

16 February 2022

Covid vaccination contraindications and dilemmas

…individuals with a weakened immune system due to disease or treatment.

13 February 2022

Letter: Vaccinate the world

…global population are vaccinated.

11 February 2022

Immunosuppression and the Covid vaccine

…primary course if over 18.

11 February 2022

More than 100,000 hospitalisations prevented by Covid booster campaign

The Covid booster campaign helped more than 100,000 patients avoid hospitalisation by protecting the population against Omicron.

10 February 2022

Immunosuppressed patients need GP letter to confirm Covid booster eligibility

GPs and consultants need to provide letters confirming the eligibility of their severely immunosuppressed patients for Covid booster jabs, NHS England has said.

08 February 2022

MP warns local GPs they are ‘on notice’ over patient access

…GPs were asked to prioritise the Covid booster campaign over routine care.

04 February 2022

Immunosuppressed Covid booster bookings open as £10 fee supplement extended for GPs

…a Pfizer booster and 90-95% for up to nine weeks after a Moderna booster.

31 January 2022

Nearly 60% of GPs in favour of NHS Covid vaccine mandate

…for the mandate, but NHS England has said this is due to include the requirement of a booster jab in the future.

31 January 2022

CQC to restart ‘risk of harm’ GP practice inspections

…the Covid booster campaign, it had only inspected where there was ‘evidence of risk to life or very serious harm’.

27 January 2022

NHS England asks GP practices to ‘restore’ routine care following booster drive

…outgoing primary care director Ed Waller – GPs have vaccinated 6.

27 January 2022

GPs deliver most appointments ever as BMA warn pressures are ‘not sustainable’

…Covid booster by a whole month as the Omicron variant led to rising infections.

27 January 2022

LMCs say GP staff resigning ahead of Covid vaccine mandate

…England has said this is due to include the requirement of a booster jab in the future.

25 January 2022

3,000 GP staff could be lost to Covid vaccine mandate, estimates Government

…jabs are considered ‘fully vaccinated’ for the mandate, but NHS England has said this is due to include the requirement of a booster jab in the future.

24 January 2022

Just one third take up Covid booster in some ethnic minority communites

Covid booster uptake among Black Caribbean people is around half the national rate, with similarly low uptake rate among other ethnic minority communities.

21 January 2022

CQC extends pause on GP access-focused inspections

…halting all unannounced GP inspections until the new year while GPs were focusing on the accelerated booster campaign.

20 January 2022

GP practices to identify 5-11s eligible for Covid jab by next week

…GPs were given until 14 January to opt-out of delivering Covid jabs to children aged five to 11.

20 January 2022

I’ve never been prouder to be a GP

…patients for how we’ve managed to continue running clinics in addition to the Covid booster campaign.

18 January 2022

GPs can administer Covid boosters to 16-17s from this week

…dose, should be offered a Covid booster jab.

18 January 2022

Is autonomy dead?


14 January 2022

Cervical screening interval extended to every five years in Wales

…to prioritise cervical screening while focusing on the Covid booster drive before Christmas.

11 January 2022

No ‘immediate’ need for second Covid booster, say Government vaccine advisers

booster vaccines to all age groups, it added.

10 January 2022

Record number of over-65s take up flu jab offer

…over-three quarters of eligible adults received their Covid booster in England by New Year’s Eve.

10 January 2022

Safety warning as GP numbers continue to decline

…out all the stops so they can help deliver the booster and vaccine campaign – but this has meant re-prioritising other care.

07 January 2022

Wake-up call


06 January 2022

GPs could give annual Covid jab in the long term, suggests chief Government scientist

…over-18s in England to be offered a Covid booster by 31 December, with more than three-quarters of eligible adults receiving their Covid booster jab before New Year’s Eve.

05 January 2022

NHS England calls on urgent care GPs to add shifts where possible

…periods of only 2 or 3 hours.

04 January 2022

Over three-quarters of eligible adults receive Covid booster in England

More than three-quarters of eligible adults received their Covid booster jab before New Year’s Eve, NHS England has announced.

04 January 2022

GPs to conduct FIT tests for every ‘urgent’ suspected lower GI cancer referral

…on delivering Covid booster jabs.

04 January 2022

2021 Review: NHS England’s poison pen letter

…a day vaccinated, to meet the target to give all adults their booster jab by the end of the year.

27 December 2021

2021 Review: The Covid vaccine rollout

…out across the world.

24 December 2021

No pause to GP face-to-face push during Covid booster drive, says Government

Exclusive The push for GPs to see patients face to face will not be paused to allow practices to focus on delivering Covid booster jabs, Pulse has learned.

23 December 2021

Vulnerable children over five should be offered Covid vaccination

…immunosuppressed person or themselves ‘severely immunosuppressed’ and having had a third primary dose, should be offered a Covid booster jab.

22 December 2021

GPs must not send patients to pharmacy without proper referral, says NHS England

GPs must not ‘informally’ send patients to community pharmacies while prioritising Covid booster vaccinations, NHS England has said.

22 December 2021

Over two-thirds of eligible adults receive booster jab in England

More than two-thirds of eligible adults have so far received their Covid booster jabs, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced.

21 December 2021

Second community antibody treatment approved to reduce Covid hospitalisations

…and needing hospitalisation from Covid.

21 December 2021

GPs to decide what workload to postpone, says BMA/RCGP prioritisation guidance

GPs need to decide for themselves what workload to pause to make time for Covid booster jabs, the BMA and RCGP’s updated workload prioritisation guidance has said.

21 December 2021

GP pressures: ‘Everyone is exhausted and we don’t have a lot more to give’

GPs facing tough Christmas amid the drive to boost the nation’s immunity to Omicron.

20 December 2021

GPs asked to have ‘conversations’ with vaccine-hesitant care home residents

…has not received a booster jab.

20 December 2021

GPs to be paid £20 per Covid jab over Christmas and New Year

…per jab Monday to Saturday, and £20 on Sundays and bank holidays during the booster drive.

17 December 2021

Prime Minister and public ‘behind’ NHS in vaccine booster drive

…the support needed as GPs deliver the accelerated Covid booster programme.

17 December 2021

Pregnant women should be prioritised for Covid vaccine, says JCVI

…are strongly encouraged to have a first, second or booster vaccine dose as appropriate in order to better protect yourself and your baby from any serious consequences from Covid-19.

16 December 2021

Public urged to ‘be patient’ with GPs during vaccination drive

…after the Government asked GPs to prioritise booster vaccinations above all routine care until 31 December.

16 December 2021

GPs not signed up to give Covid boosters asked to ‘urgently reconsider participation’

Exclusive NHS England has asked PCNs that are not signed up to give Covid booster jabs to the under-50s to ‘urgently reconsider’ their participation.

15 December 2021

Look who has come crawling back

…carry out the booster programme, they know it’s vital.

14 December 2021

Police and fire services to support GP Covid booster push

Fire and rescue and police forces will be among the extra workforce stood up to support GPs to deliver the accelerated Covid booster programme, NHS England has revealed.

14 December 2021

CQC to pause unannounced GP access inspections for the rest of the year

…Covid boosters over routine appointments and in response to this and ‘alarming’ new data on the Omicron variant, the CQC announced that it will cancel inspections across health services.

14 December 2021

Relaxation of Omicron 10-day isolation requirement ‘does not apply to GPs’

…correct PPE appropriately’ and in line with guidance.

13 December 2021

GPs to be asked to prioritise Covid boosters over routine appointments

GP practices will be asked to ‘clinically prioritise’ Covid booster jabs over routine care, NHS England has said.

12 December 2021

Under-18s’ Covid jab interval could be shortened if new variant sparks ‘concern’

…also said that a booster dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine can now be given to immunosuppressed individuals from 16 years of age.

10 December 2021

MHRA to ‘retain’ 15-minute post-Covid jab observation requirement ‘at this time’

…NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard had promised last week that the requirement would be reviewed, as part of the Government’s bid to speed up the Covid booster jab campaign….

10 December 2021

At a glance: All the temporary GP contract changes to support Covid boosters

A round-up of all the temporary changes made to the 2021/22 GP contract to free up practices for the Covid booster campaign.

08 December 2021

Pfizer booster dose ‘neutralises’ Omicron Covid variant, early studies suggest

…change aimed at freeing up GPs for Covid boosters.

08 December 2021

I forecast income protection with some squalls

…get booster vaccines into everyone and their dog.

08 December 2021

Over-40s invited to book Covid booster after three months

…dose or booster giving them vital protection ahead of winter and in light of the Omicron variant.

08 December 2021

GPs urged to promote Covid vaccination at every contact with pregnant women

…as well as information on the risks of not being vaccinated.

06 December 2021

CQC sets out plans for unannounced GP access inspections

…Covid booster programme.

06 December 2021

CQC has ‘no end date’ for routine GP inspection pause

…out measures to reduce the burden on GPs and allow them to focus on the expanded Covid booster programme today.

03 December 2021

Government places Covid jab orders for booster campaigns until 2023

…supply of both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech for the expanded booster programme’ but that the new agreements ensure ‘we will continue to have the supplies we need moving forward’.

02 December 2021

Mind games


02 December 2021

A short-term boost

I’m broadly in favour of the Government’s decision to further roll out the vaccine booster programme.

01 December 2021

Government working to ‘free up GP time’ for Covid booster delivery, says Javid

…time for them to deliver boosters, but we urgently need more detail and mostly importantly, action’.

01 December 2021

GPs to get £15/jab as all adults to be offered Covid booster by 31 January

…after the jab is delivered’.

30 November 2021

Covid booster jab eligibility to be expanded to all over-18s

The JCVI has recommended that the Covid booster jab campaign should be expanded to all over-18s in response to the Omicron variant.

29 November 2021

Omicron: Calls for GPs to be freed up to speed up Covid booster jab campaign

…ever that people get their jabs, and we get those boosters into arms as fast as possible.

29 November 2021

GPs asked to isolate patients based on travel history to curb ‘Omicron’ spread

…confirmed in the UK, including six in Scotland.

29 November 2021

Corticosteroids and the Covid vaccine

…a third primary dose followed by a booster to those who are immunosuppressed including those on steroids.

29 November 2021

England GPs call for ‘funding security’ until end of March

…blood testing; the Covid booster programme and the influenza vaccine deliveries; practices cannot realistically deliver their contractual targets for 2021/22.

26 November 2021

GPs given until Monday to opt in to deliver Covid boosters to 40-49s

…chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam added that elderly adults, at-risk patients and health and social care workers ‘remain the top priority for boosters’.

16 November 2021

Covid boosters over 90% effective in adults 50 years and over, study shows

…140 days post a second dose with no booster dose recorded’.

15 November 2021

Covid booster jabs to be rolled out to over-40s

…line with the rest of the booster programme so far.

15 November 2021

NHS trial to test if immunosuppressant holiday boosts Covid jab response

…of Nottingham will recruit 560 patients taking methotrexate to assess whether a two-week break from the drug immediately after the Covid booster jab produces more robust immune responses.

12 November 2021

‘No plans’ for mandatory Covid jabs in Scotland and Wales as NI announces consultation

…They said: ‘More than 95% of health care workers in Wales have had both doses of the vaccine, and more than two-thirds have already received their booster jab.

10 November 2021

Covid booster vaccines not reaching eligible patients fast enough, scientists warn

…possible for people to book their booster jabs.

06 November 2021

GPs can vaccinate care home residents ahead of their booster vaccination date

…of offering Covid boosters in all care homes by 1 November.

01 November 2021

Average GP practice to pay extra £15k in national insurance contributions

…penalised for continuing to go above and beyond for their patients and provide the much need booster jab is simply unacceptable,’ he said.

28 October 2021

MPs ask to meet with GPs about ‘access issues’

…issues, including ‘GP access’ and Covid booster jabs, he added in a tweet.

26 October 2021

GPs on track to meet target to offer Covid boosters in all care homes by 1 November

booster jab already, it said in an update on the programme.

25 October 2021

NHSE denies claim eligible patients can’t use its Covid jab booster booking service

…and PCN lead for Covid boosters, noted other issues with the Covid booster campaign.

22 October 2021

GPs to offer healthy 12-15s Covid jabs if access not ‘challenged’

…have ‘agreement in writing’ from their commissioner, it added.

19 October 2021

About timing

…programme ever, and waiting for JCVI guidance just weeks before the booster programme starts.

18 October 2021

GPs can order additional Government flu stock from next week

…be able to get their flu vaccination while getting their Covid booster shot in non-GP settings – there had also been concerns practices could be left with surplus stock.

13 October 2021

GP Covid vaccine sites to deliver Moderna jabs from this week

…to 200 booster half doses or 100 first/second doses, NHS England said.

12 October 2021

Government considering extension of free PPE for GPs until March 2023

…and layout of practice buildings.

08 October 2021

GP Covid vaccine sites to make ‘security plan’ against undercover protestors

…with free ‘non-vaccine related consumables’ such as handwash during the booster programme.

08 October 2021

Winter is coming

…season and 5.

29 September 2021

New primary care and vaccines ministers in cabinet reshuffle

…‘can’t wait to get stuck into’ her new role, rolling out the Covid vaccine booster programme and supporting the Government to ‘deliver lasting reforms to health and social care’.

27 September 2021

GPs told to ensure remaining at-risk 12-15s get Covid vaccine by the end of this month

…recently-confirmed Covid vaccination booster campaign has seen GPs given a 1 November target to jab care home patients and staff against Covid and flu.

21 September 2021

Researchers identify vaccinated patient groups most at risk of serious Covid

…have a booster jab six months after their second dose – with GPs told to prioritise boosters in care homes.

17 September 2021

Shielding programme for clinically extremely vulnerable formally closes

…vaccination campaign should have a booster jab six months after their second dose, prioritised in the same order as in phase one.

17 September 2021

Failure to update Covid symptom list ‘is killing people’, leading researcher warns

…are saying it’s a very sharp pain but we don’t have hard data on that yet.

17 September 2021

Flu and Covid co-administration ‘may not be practical’ for the NHS, says deputy CMO

Combining the flu and Covid booster programme may not be ‘straightforward’ or even practical, the deputy chief medical officer has admitted.

16 September 2021

ONS: Just 1% of patients who died from Covid this year were fully vaccinated

…forward today and protect yourself, your friends and your loved ones.

14 September 2021

Winter plan: next week start for boosters; mandatory vaccination expected for GPs

Administration of Covid booster jabs will begin ‘next week’, health secretary Sajid Javid has told MPs as he set out the Government’s plans for managing Covid through the winter.

14 September 2021

Covid boosters and flu co-administration recommended by regulators

…independent experts at the JCVI to offer a booster vaccine to those most at risk.

14 September 2021

PM promises more than 50m extra GP appointments under Covid recovery plan

…over these much-welcomed boosters’.

08 September 2021

Flu communications strategy has left me cold

…know if a Covid booster campaign is going ahead – and recent reports are suggesting it is less likely.

08 September 2021

Vaccine delivery issues will not delay overall flu programme, says minister

…vaccines would ‘knock on to any booster jab campaign’, amid plans to co-deliver flu and jabs and Covid boosters from this month.

08 September 2021

Covid booster vaccination programme won’t start on 6 September, NHSE suggests

…‘continuing to plan for [the booster programme] to begin in September’.

03 September 2021

GPs to start vaccinating immunosuppressed patients with third Covid jab by 13 September

…primary vaccination schedule and is ‘separate to any potential booster programme’ – details of which will be published soon.

03 September 2021

Tens of thousands of AZ Covid vaccine doses to be destroyed by UK Government

…that it has ordered a further 35 million Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccines due to arrive from the second half of next year, which could be used for potential future booster programmes….

02 September 2021

Covid vaccination halves risk of long Covid in cases of breakthrough infection

…increased risk needed to be prioritised for booster jabs.

02 September 2021

GPs to help identify up to 500k immunosuppressed patients for third Covid vaccine dose

…soon and that today’s announcement does not indicate a delay in deliberations about the booster programme.

01 September 2021

No let-up in Covid vaccination push

…indication of what vaccines should be given as boosters.

27 August 2021

Government launches study on why some people get Covid despite vaccination

…after vaccination, but also for vaccine developers who can target key components of the immune response effectively for future booster vaccines.

26 August 2021

UK trial launched to test third Covid jab in immunocompromised people

…of protection after a third dose but also rates of Covid-19 infection.

25 August 2021

UK orders 35 million Pfizer jabs for potential 2022 booster programme

…for potential future booster programmes, it said.

24 August 2021

High street pharmacies to carry out targeted CVD screening from October

…2019, have also informed NHS England’s plans for flu and Covid booster vaccination sites to offer health checks this autumn.

24 August 2021

Covid booster vaccination programme

…adults should be offered booster vaccines at the start of the booster programme.

23 August 2021

Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine ‘as effective’ as Pfizer after 4-5 months, finds study

…months after the second dose is given.

19 August 2021

Vaccination has prevented over 23 million Covid infections, says PHE

…either infection or vaccination.

12 August 2021

GPs facing venue hire problems for Covid booster programme

GPs are having difficulties securing venues from which to deliver the Covid-19 booster vaccination programme, in particular due to sites no longer being available, the BMA has said.

12 August 2021

Autumn Covid vaccine booster campaign premature, suggests Oxford vaccine lead

Plans to roll out an autumn Covid vaccine booster programme could be premature, the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group has warned.

10 August 2021

GPs may be able to order extra flu vaccines from central stock

…able to get their flu vaccination while getting their Covid booster shot in non-GP settings – there had also been concerns practices could be left with surplus stock.

10 August 2021

Covid immunity from Moderna jab ‘still high after six months’

…50-microgram dose versions of its vaccine as boosters and that studies of three different booster candidates induced robust antibody responses against variants, including Gamma, Beta and Delta.

09 August 2021

Germany to offer mRNA Covid booster to all Astra Zeneca-jabbed patients

All German patients who were fully vaccinated with the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine will be offered an mRNA booster from next month.

06 August 2021

Begin vaccinating eligible children against Covid ‘immediately’, NHSE tells GPs

…two has been extended until the end of October 2021 to make sure PCN groupings who are not involved in the booster phase can complete any outstanding second doses.

06 August 2021

NHSE awaiting MHRA approval to allow Covid booster delivery at GP practice level

NHS England has said it is seeking MHRA approval for GPs to deliver Covid booster vaccines at an individual practice level.

04 August 2021

PCNs will no longer be provided with all Covid vaccination equipment

Primary care networks (PCNs) will no longer be provided with some of the equipment they need to deliver Covid vaccinations during the booster programme this autumn, NHS England has said….

03 August 2021

GPs to be able to jab flu patients from other practices under new ES

booster programme includes co-administration of the two jabs.

03 August 2021

Almost nine in 10 PCN leaders want ‘no’ new service specifications this year

…Covid vaccinations during the first phase of the booster programme.

02 August 2021

Second dose vaccinations


30 July 2021

Flu confusion is causing fevers all round

…the booster jabs accordingly yet.

21 July 2021

Covid plans need an allotment more thought

…Cause serious illness in themselves and b) Mimic Covid exactly.

20 July 2021

Job prescription


19 July 2021

Record-sized flu programme to target 35 million people for vaccinations

…preparing to deliver the expanded flu programme alongside a potential booster programme for Covid-19 vaccines this autumn and winter.

17 July 2021

GPs ‘will be able to order as many Covid jabs as they need in booster programme’

…new NHS England guidance on the booster programme due to run from September this week revealed that offering the vaccinations at individual practice level is ‘not operationally feasible’.

16 July 2021

NHSE: ‘Not operationally feasible’ to offer Covid booster jabs at GP practice level

GP hopes that individual practices would be able to contract to administer Covid booster jabs this autumn have been dashed in new NHS England guidance published today.

14 July 2021

PHE accused of ‘misleading’ immunosuppressed with vaccine efficacy claims

…urged immunosuppressed patients to contact their GP about additional precautions to protect themselves from coronavirus, in anticipation of Covid restrictions ending later this month.

12 July 2021

GPs delivered over two thirds of Covid vaccinations in phase 1 of the programme

…the planned autumn Covid booster programme, which capped GP involvement at 75% of jabs.

09 July 2021

Covid vaccines 74% effective in immunosuppressed after second dose

…especially people with weakened immune systems as they gain so much more benefit from the second dose.

09 July 2021

Data lowdown: one in five PCNs opted out of Covid vaccination programme

…the planned autumn Covid booster jab programme it suggested that the Covid vaccines will continue to take place at PCN group level.

07 July 2021

Covid vaccine interval to be cut to eight weeks for all adults

…– in addition to our autumn programme of booster vaccines for the most vulnerable.

05 July 2021

GPs to deliver ‘maximum’ 75% of Covid jabs in booster programme

GP practices should deliver a maximum of 75% of Covid booster vaccines, according to new NHS England guidance.

01 July 2021

Covid booster programme to be in two stages from September under interim JCVI advice

…tackle specific variants of the virus will not be ready in time for any autumn booster programme, but may be considered in the future, added the JCVI.

30 June 2021

Six in 10 GP partners wish to deliver Covid jabs from own site

…individual practices to ‘improve patient access or increase vaccination capacity’.

30 June 2021

Shielding list to inform booster Covid jab prioritisation, NHS England suggests

…it is ‘not yet precisely known’ when boosters will be given, who they will be given to and what the booster vaccines will look like.

29 June 2021

Evidently, we can do what we want

…the further news that we’ll be asked to screen for AF in the over 65s when they attend for their flu or Covid-booster jab.

17 June 2021

Government orders extra AZ vaccine doses ‘adapted’ for the South Africa Covid variant

…test seven different existing vaccines for a third ‘booster’ Covid shot and are due to report by September.

02 June 2021

Covid-19 immunity may last for years after mild infection, finds study

…work suggests the body is able to keep mounting an immune response when needed to deal with variants.

28 May 2021

Single-dose Janssen Covid vaccine authorised by MHRA for UK rollout

…-15C, and can be kept at +2 to +8C for up to three months.

28 May 2021

How will a booster Covid vaccine programme look for GPs?

…to inform the decision on whether an autumn booster campaign goes ahead.

24 May 2021

Pfizer vaccine can be stored for 31 days in fridge, MHRA review concludes

…for use in general practice at the moment.

21 May 2021

‘World-first’ UK trial to report on booster Covid vaccines ‘by September’

A new UK clinical trial will test seven different vaccines for a third ‘booster’ Covid shot and report by September, the Government has announced.

19 May 2021

LMCs to consider exploring new models of general practice outside GMS contract

…secured 60 million additional doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for delivery in its autumn booster programme.

29 April 2021

Government secures 60m Pfizer doses for autumn booster programme

The Government has secured 60 million additional doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for delivery in its autumn booster programme, it has announced.

28 April 2021

Practices to face ‘inevitable’ flu vaccine shortages without central stock, GPs warn

…to discussing’ with the BMA the ‘potential impact’ of GP Covid booster shot delivery on the flu campaign, once further data on long-term immunity from the current jabs is available.

26 April 2021

Hancock: Covid vaccine delivery at GPs’ own practices to be ‘looked at’

…this week, Mr Hancock confirmed that Covid vaccinations will continue with an immediate booster jab campaign to tackle variants once the first and second jabs have been completed this autumn….

22 April 2021

Health secretary confirms autumn timeline for Covid booster jab campaign

…it was planning a booster campaign which was ‘likely’ to run in autumn/winter, while the BMA has indicated Covid booster vaccinations could become core contractual work for GPs.

19 April 2021

One million more GP appointments taking place per week than before pandemic

…will need to be revaccinated, or whether only the most vulnerable will receive booster shots.

25 March 2021

Children could get Covid vaccine as soon as August, reports suggest

…for booster doses and the ongoing risk of variants was highlighted.

24 March 2021

Was the second dose policy change justified?

…the first jab and the 12-week booster adds better protection into next winter.

16 March 2021

Modified Covid-19 vaccines to tackle variants to be fast-tracked like flu

…already working on updating vaccines should a booster be needed.

10 March 2021

How are we going to exit the pandemic?

…there will be booster vaccines from this autumn.

04 March 2021

Covid vaccine programme to get £1.65bn funding boost

…able to lift restrictions, reopen our economy and focus our attention on creating jobs and stimulating growth.

01 March 2021

Covid booster shots could become part of core GP contract, says BMA

Exclusive Covid booster jabs could become part of core GP contractual work in the future, the BMA’s GP Committee chair has told Pulse.

01 March 2021

GPs should opportunistically ask patients if they’ve travelled abroad

…a Covid revaccination campaign, which is ‘likely to run later this year in autumn or winter’ and may involve tweaked booster shots to tackle virus variants.

24 February 2021

Government plans Covid revaccination campaign for autumn/winter 2021

…which is likely to run later this year in autumn or winter.

23 February 2021

Booster vaccines may only be needed for vulnerable, says Whitty

GPs may only have to give booster vaccines to vulnerable groups, and not the whole adult population, the chief medical officer has indicated.

16 February 2021

Welsh Covid vaccination sites to move to second doses earlier

…Sir Simon Stevens said patients due their booster dose in England will be prioritised for existing supply within 12 weeks, meaning by early March for initial recipients.

12 February 2021

GPs to opportunistically report patients who developed Covid after vaccination

…its vaccine is effective against new strains of coronavirus.

10 February 2021

Children will ‘almost certainly’ get Covid vaccine later this year, says JCVI expert

…our own tails and producing the wrong vaccine.

09 February 2021

Oxford vaccine offers ‘minimal’ protection against South Africa Covid variant

…that the vaccine is effective against the Kent mutation of coronavirus.

08 February 2021

New Pfizer jab study supports Government 12-week interval, researchers claim

…how long this immunity will last beyond 21 days without a second booster, we are unlikely to see any major decline during the following nine weeks.

04 February 2021

This is a daily marathon – but speed is of the essence

…responses seen from available Covid vaccines all strongly indicate that they will provide sterilising immunity – at least after a booster dose.

01 February 2021

Both Covid vaccines likely to be ‘more effective’ at 12-week intervals, say Government experts

…with an interval of between four and twelve weeks as licensed by MHRA.

06 January 2021

Why we decided to honour our second dose appointments

…all Pfizer/BioNtech boosters until 12 weeks – essentially asking GPs to cancel thousands of patients who had been consented to and booked in for a booster at 21 days.

05 January 2021

Is the Covid DES worth practices’ while?

…and recall arrangements are also likely to have an effect.

13 November 2020

Working Life: Working at the Nightingale

…hour each and a comfort break of 15 minutes.

15 June 2020

Volunteering as medics for Raleigh International

…incident – some volunteers may have been exposed to rabies, something we have never dealt with before.

19 July 2018

Patients urged to seek measles vaccination amid outbreaks

…parents to take up the offer of MMR vaccination for their children at one year of age and as a pre-school booster at three years and four months of age.

19 December 2017

#GPnews: New annual cholesterol-lowering jab ‘could replace statins’

…we could develop a long-lasting therapy that, after the first vaccination, just needs an annual booster.

20 June 2017

Beware the CQC firetrap


31 May 2017

10 clinical advances GPs should be proud of

…the early 2000s, but the introduction of the fourth booster in 2004 has almost completely eradicated the disease in infants.

10 August 2016

#GPnews: CQC’s closing of practice has left care in ‘disarray’

…of the pertussis booster in pregnant women is also up.

01 March 2016

GPs to begin infant Men B vaccinations from September

…offered for babies starting at two months of age, followed by another dose at four months and a booster dose at 12 months.

22 June 2015

Guidance on vaccination and immunisation programmes 2015/16

This document from NHS Employers provides detailed guidance for practices providing vaccination programmes commissioned by NHS England, including the new booster programmes for HPV and Meningitis C.

14 May 2015

Respiratory clinic – girl with known cystic fibrosis

…aid clearance of secretions.

13 May 2015

GPs told to delay ‘freshers’ meningitis jab until combined vaccine available

…who will have missed out on the new teenage MenC booster campaign.

01 April 2015

Freshers urged to get their Men C jab from GPs

Public Health England is urging freshers students to get their Men C booster jab from their GP at least two weeks before starting university.

19 August 2014

Practices face cap on Repevax orders for preschool booster jabs

Practices have been restricted to ordering just five doses a week of Repevax vaccine for delivering preschool whooping cough booster jabs, according to latest advice from public health chiefs.

08 May 2014

New university entrants to receive MenC vaccination booster

…sufficient to protect children until the 12-13 month booster, the four-month booster jab was withdrawn.

21 March 2014

GPs should be considered for pertussis vaccination, say researchers

…are consistent with our understanding that neither natural infection nor vaccination offer life-long immunity against pertussis.

14 August 2013

GPs to lead catch-up campaign offering meningitis booster vaccination to university entrants

…infants a four-month MenC booster from June, while teenagers will start receiving a booster dose at 14 years through schools from September.

13 May 2013

Whooping cough vaccination campaign to continue ‘until further notice’

…for a booster vaccination for school children too.

10 April 2013

Analysis: How immunisations are set to change

…and a booster at 12 months, but this booster is now to be moved to the teenage years, in a schools-based programme that will lighten the load for GPs.

04 February 2013

Meningococcal B vaccine should be given to babies ‘at earliest opportunity’

…of children after the booster dose.

21 January 2013

GPs to offer whooping cough vaccine to all pregnant women

…tackling the sudden increase, including a school-leaving booster or bringing the first immunisation age down to six weeks.

28 September 2012

Consider pertussis vaccination in six-week old babies, GPs advised

…on immunisation and a GP in Bracknell, Berkshire, said that GPs should begin giving booster vaccines to adolescents while they wait for the results of the HPA’s modeling strategies.

27 July 2012

GPs urged to report whooping cough cases

…for the management of whooping cough cases.

09 July 2012

GPs should ‘mop up’ after meningitis C booster programme

GPs could be faced with ‘mopping up’ after a programme of meningitis C booster vaccination is rolled out in schools, say DH immunisation experts.

08 May 2012

RCGP warns meningitis C vaccine change could strip practices of payments

…the infant schedule and replaced with a booster in teenagers.

06 February 2012

DH advisors say meningitis C vaccine booster should be offered to teenagers

Department of Health advisers have recommended that a meningitis C vaccine dose should be moved from the infant schedule and replaced with a booster in teenagers.

31 January 2012

Advice for the last-minute traveller

…lifetime but we have to be pragmatic and have no choice but to give the triple vaccine for anyone needing a polio or diphtheria booster.

08 June 2011