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Government to ban disposable vape products and marketing appealing to children

The Government will ban disposable vapes and restrict flavours marketed at children as part of efforts to combat youth vaping across the UK.

29 January 2024

Government proposes measures to crack down on teenage vaping

…whether disposable vapes should be banned are also included in the consultation and views are also being sought on the cost of vapes compared to tobacco products.

12 October 2023

Nicotine vaping is most effective smoking cessation aid, say researchers

…encouraged to swap cigarettes for vaping using a free ‘vape starter kit’.

14 September 2023

Respiratory symptoms linked to young people who vape

…prevent under-18s accessing vapes.

18 August 2023

Smokers in England to be sent vape ‘starter kits’ in ‘world-first’ scheme

…reduce child vaping, focussing on how vape products are designed, marketed and portrayed on social media.

11 April 2023

Nearly one in ten children vaping despite fall in cigarette smoking rates

…young people were vape users.

14 September 2022

Free vape starter kit helped 42% of patients quit smoking in GP-based trial

Handing out vape starter kit vouchers on the NHS could help even the heaviest smokers quit for good, with 42% quitting within a month in a trial scheme.

19 August 2022