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Do GPs deserve a pay rise?

NHS England


  • Called on DDRB to consider ‘what, if any, uplift is appropriate’ for 2016/17
  • Practices have a ‘choice’ to reduce expenses by creating efficiencies, including working at scale and sharing back office functions, or by hiring clinical pharmacists and other support staff to absorb workload
  • Recruitment problems will not be solved by targeting the DDRB award to hard-to-recruit areas
  • Salaried GP recruitment risks being hampered by an overall contractual uplift as practices may not pass on the increase 
  • GP workload with regards to the number of patients they are caring for per full-time GP has fallen by 6.7% in the past 10 years, and NHS England also said there had been ‘a small reduction in the number of hours worked’.

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BMA smaller

  • GPs should be treated in line with the wider economy, where pay settlements are greater than the 1% award ordained by the chancellor
  • The pay uplift should reflect ‘what is needed to recruit, retain and motivate’ doctors, not affordability constraints
  • The DDRB should re-assert independence from the Government and make a recommendation on gross earnings
  • The plan to recruit 200 US physician associates on £50k is a key concern as it would take a UK doctor 10 years to reach that level
  • The rationale for increasing the existing London weighting should be looked at again, as this allowance has not been reviewed for nearly a decade 

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