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In brief: How the imposition has changed

  • We have deferred implementation of the two NICE recommended indicators for referral to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services until 2014/15 . This will give time for clinical commissioning groups to ensure these services are available.
  •  We are phasing in thresholds for two of the indicators (on physical activity) and giving a greater proportion of QOF funding to these and the new indicator on blood pressure control to recognise the initial impact on practice workload.
  • The NHS Commissioning Board has indicated that it intends to adapt some elements of the new enhanced services to ensure that they are implemented in a phased way. 
  • For 2013/14, the scheme to promote earlier diagnosis of people with dementia will focus on patients who have a higher risk of dementia because of their clinical condition (eg vascular disease or a long term neurological condition).  The scheme to promote greater use of online services will focus on booking appointments online and ordering repeat prescriptions online. The scheme to help monitor the health of people with long term conditions will focus on preparatory work this year while processes and protocols for management across a range of long term conditions are developed.

See the full list of changes proposed in the Department of Health’s consultation

Source: Department of Health