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In full: GP contract survey findings

Read the full story here: Backlash from grassroots GPs as survey highlights fears over contract compromise

Total number of respondents: 360 GPs

Taken as a whole, how would you describe the 2014 GP contract deal?

Very good 3%
Good 33%
Poor 43%
Very poor 21%

Which of the following measures announced as part of the 2014 GP contract deal do you support?

QOF being cut by 40%
Support 73%
Don’t know 18%
Oppose 9%

A proportion of money cut from QOF being reinvested in global sum
Support 78%
Not sure 16%
Oppose 6%

GPs taking on ‘named clinician’ responsibility
Support 24%
Not sure 25%
Oppose 51%

The new emergency admissions DES
Support 16%
Not sure 34%
Oppose 50%

Seniority payments being phased out
Support 10%
Not sure 13%
Oppose 234 76%

Practice boundaries being scrapped
Support 14%
Not sure 13%
Oppose 73%

Practices having to publish their GP income from 2015
Support 8%
Not sure 14%
Oppose 78%

Practice displaying the result of their CQC inspection in their waiting room
Support 54%
Not sure 27%
Oppose 19%

The introduction of the Friends and Family Test from December 2014
Support 25%
Not sure 37%
Oppose 38%

A new contractual obligation for GPs to monitor the quality of out-of-hours services when used by their patients
Support 25%
Not sure 26%
Oppose 49%

Giving all patients access to their Summary Care Records
Support 47%
Not sure 31%
Oppose 22%

Online appointment booking
Support 69%
Not sure 17%
Oppose 14%

Online repeat prescription requests
Support 86%
Not sure 6%
Oppose 8%