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Charlotte Alexander

Have you tried to get through to another public service recently?

If you’ve tried getting through to any public service, you’ll

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Preview of the year: Join another online team…

Wanted for 2022: generic healthcare worker (formerly known as GP)

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Could we learn a thing or two from the French way?

As I was watching one of the episodes of the

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Total triage; totally toxic?

I love it, I hate it. No, I find my

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Testing, testing 1,2,3

I know you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics in

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Should GPs stop doing home visits?

Dr Ellie Cannon and Dr Charlotte Alexander go head-to-head, as GP leaders at the England LMCs conference vote for a motion for home visits to be removed from core GP contract work

Just who is the NHS working for?

Dr Charlotte Alexander 

All these acronyms are a load of BS

Dr Charlotte Alexander