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Dilemma: My trainee reacts badly to feedback

Three GPs advise on what to do if your trainee has been reacting badly to the feedback you've given

Dilemma: Partners complain when I take time out for childcare

An LMC member, GP appraiser and GP partner advise on what you can do if a partner complains when you take time out for childcare

Dilemma: Partner says I make too many referrals

A locum GP, partner and medicolegal consultant advise on what to do if a senior partner tells a locum they make too many referrals

Dilemma: Patient calls for advice from overseas

GPs and a medicolegal expert advise

Dilemma: Patient always attends with suspected abusive partner

GPs and medicolegal adviser give their advice

Dilemma: My partners are refusing to let me pay my own tax

Two GPs and a finance expert give their advice