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Sackwell & Binthorpe bulletin: Penny’s six-point plan to re-energise your PCN!

Hello again, Penny here from the Primary Care Support Team

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Just one GP required on ICS boards that will replace CCGs as commissioners

Just one GP will be required to be appointed to

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Vaccines minister urges GPs to ‘maintain momentum’ on Covid jabs programme

Exclusive Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi has urged GPs to ‘maintain

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Nadhim Zahawi: ‘We recognise the pressure caused by the vaccination programme’

After a long and difficult period, we are finally starting

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Mission improbable

Can PCNs meet rising demands?

PCNs can record Covid vaccinations in SystmOne from next month

PCNs will be able to use IT systems other than

GPs could miss out on reclaiming tens of thousands in pension tax

Many GPs could miss out on reclaiming their pension tax

An alert system would prove how busy we are

‘GPs busy, yeah we’ve heard it all before, change the

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Leading questions: Dr Monica Alabi

Dr Monica Alabi, clinical director of Titan PCN in Luton

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Why, as an autistic GP, I’m leaving the profession this month

Like all major events, the pandemic has sharply focused many

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PCNs must say No to extra demands

Our worried friend in the Midlands, Dr Manu Agrawal, sets

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Gerada: GP patient lists should be ‘pooled’ across PCNs

GP patient lists should be pooled across PCNs as part

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Quarter of GPs say PCN opted out of phase 2 of Covid vaccinations, citing workload

Almost a quarter of GP partners in England say their

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Moderna announces Covid-19 vaccine success in teenagers

Moderna has announced its vaccine is effective in 12- to

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GPs don’t have to offer e-consultations ‘at all’, GP leaders stress

GP practices are ‘under no contractual obligation’ to offer e-consultations

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