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GP workload survey

How Pulse carried out its GP workload survey and analysed the results

Pulse carried out a snapshot survey of GPs on Monday

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GPs working average 11-hour day, major survey reveals

GPs are working 11-hour days and dealing with an average

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The new workload crisis

The pandemic has compounded already high GP workloads while bringing

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Workload survey live blog: ‘This workload feels unmanageable’

Our survey has now launched – you can take it

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Take our GP workload survey now

Today, we launch our second GP workload survey – click

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Burnout revisited – but it’s not my fault

‘You’re doing too much’ and ‘You can’t do everything for

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Pulse is undertaking a workload survey – and we need your help on 1 March

When we did our workload survey two years ago, things

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But… hasn’t our NHS always been overwhelmed?

It’s been said that the extraordinary current measures – a

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General practice is open – and help us get this message out

Two years ago, we ran a huge snapshot survey on

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Always the admin

It’s always the admin that’s the problem. During my time

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GP workload in the pandemic is unsustainable – but it is not a new problem

The last workload survey run by Pulse in 2019 highlighted

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We must tackle the GP workload crisis once and for all

So much has changed in a year. ‘Unprecedented’, ‘challenging’ and

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Pandemic drives hospital workload dump on GPs, shows Pulse survey

Exclusive Two thirds of GPs have experienced a ‘significant’ increase

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NHS England sets out measures to address GP workload

NHS England has set out a range of measures in

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