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Lisa Finnikin

Language matters – take my word for it

The language used in the consulting room can be a

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Did it hurt? Well yes, it really rather did!

(This piece features spoilers for the BBC drama ‘This is

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I left general practice after burning out – and I am happier for it

Six months ago, I left general practice, having recognised that

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We need a revolution in radiology

I had a scan recently. Embodying the patient role always

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Human touch medicine

Recently, access to general practice has been scrutinised in the

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We need to talk

Dr Lisa Finnikin on why she set up the #YourGP

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Physician heal thyself

From this month, I will no longer be working as

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Woman-kind medicine?

I used to feel immune to gender discrimination. I’d been

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Rehumanising the workplace

Some time ago now, I heard Sarah Jane Marsh, chief

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Burnout revisited – but it’s not my fault

‘You’re doing too much’ and ‘You can’t do everything for

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Dear frustrated patient

Dr Lisa Finnikin on the straw that broke the camel’s

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