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How long will anosmia and loss of taste last for after Covid-19 infection?

Advice from an ENT Surgeon

This information is sourced from Mr James Tysome, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Q.  I have a patient with 4 months of persistent anosmia and complete loss of taste post Covid. He had classic Covid symptoms (fever and cough) so alternative causes seem unlikely. Is there anything that can help with this?


  • It is likely that the anosmia and loss of sense of taste will improve
  • There are studies looking at the mechanism of the link between Covid-19 and anosmia
  • At the moment we do not have enough Covid-19 specific experience to be able to predict the timescale
  • There is no specific treatment currently recommended to improve the sense of smell/taste for these patients
  • This is a useful source of information and support for patients