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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Post-viral recovery

Managing cough

Information for patients on managing cough, and GP guidelines from NICE

End of life care Symptom Management
Management of long Covid in primary care

A summary of current guidelines on symptoms, criteria for diagnosis and an approach to management

Testing, Trials and Research
New onset diabetes

Covid-19 can trigger new-onset diabetes in previously healthy people

Children and Young People Diabetes Testing, Trials and Research
Online resources to support recovery from Covid-19

Information for patients on physical and emotional recovery

Mental Health
Returning back to sports training post Covid

Guidance for athletes who are recovering from mild to moderate symptoms


Comprehensive and brief resources on post-viral fatigue and the boom and bust cycle

Symptom Management
Rehabilitation after Covid-19 infection

A website developed to support patients and their families

Respiratory Conditions
Managing breathlessness

Information for patients on post Covid breathlessness, GP guidelines from NICE and links to prescribing guidance for EOLC

End of life care Respiratory Conditions Symptom Management
Post-Covid breathlessness Patient Support Line

The Post-Covid Hub has been set up by Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation

Respiratory Conditions