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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Returning back to sports training post Covid

Guidance for athletes who are recovering from mild to moderate symptoms

This information is sourced from the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine:

The Faculty have produced a progressive exercise programme called the Graduated return to play protocol (GRTP) which helps individuals back to physical activity and sport in a step-wise fashion

Key Considerations;

  • Athletes who have more complicated infections or a requirement for secondary care support will need to have a medical assessment before commencing GRTP
  • Athletes should wait until they have had a minimum of 10 days rest AND have been symptom free for 7 days before resuming any exercise other than walking or activities of daily living
  • 7 days is the minimum time to progress, especially in sports of an aerobic nature. Less physically intense sports like golf may progress quicker.  Some athletes take over three weeks to recover
  • Before considering GRTP, the athlete must be able to complete all activities of daily living without excessive fatigue and/or breathlessness and walk a minimum of 500m on the flat without getting breathless
  • All treatments should have stopped that may mask symptoms, e.g. paracetamol
  • Exercise and progression should cease if concerns are raised