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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

All Covid-19 Resources

Management of long Covid in primary care

A summary of current guidelines on symptoms, criteria for diagnosis and an approach to management

Post-viral recovery Testing, Trials and Research
Clozapine guidance for patients with Covid-19

Patients on clozapine required additional investigations during Covid-19 infection

Mental Health Prescribing
Acute Covid-19 management

An updated synthesis of all relevant guidance for primary care

Testing, Trials and Research Triage and Treatment
Managing cough

Information for patients on managing cough, and GP guidelines from NICE

Palliative and end of life care Post-viral recovery Symptom Management
Covid vaccines and pre-existing allergies

Guidance on the Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations for people with pre-existing allergies

Adverse effects of Covid vaccines

The most frequently reported adverse effects to the different vaccines and when to report an adverse effect

Covid antibody and antiviral treatments

An updated summary of currently available treatments, eligibility criteria and how to refer

Prescribing Testing, Trials and Research Triage and Treatment
Immunosuppression and the Covid vaccine

Guidance on vaccinating individuals on immunosuppressive treatment

Verification of death in the community

This can now be done remotely by GPs if the death is an expected death

Palliative and end of life care
Death certification

A summary of current guidance and when to discuss with the coroner

Palliative and end of life care
Managing fever

Paracetamol or ibuprofen can now be used

Palliative and end of life care Symptom Management
Managing breathlessness

Information for patients on post Covid breathlessness, GP guidelines from NICE and links to prescribing guidance for EOLC

Palliative and end of life care Post-viral recovery Respiratory Conditions Symptom Management
Corticosteroids and the Covid vaccine

Guidance on vaccination individuals undergoing steroid treatments

Chemotherapy and the Covid vaccine

Guide on vaccinating individuals undergoing chemotherapy

DMARDs and the Covid vaccine

Guidance for vaccinating individuals on treatment with DMARDs

Pulse oximetry

Guidelines for different groups, and exertional desaturation testing

Respiratory Conditions Triage and Treatment
Third doses for immunosuppressed patients

Individuals aged 12 years and over with severe immunosuppression should receive a 3rd primary dose of Covid vaccination

Other conditions Vaccinations
Management of Covid-19 anosmia

A summary of the current guidance for patients and GPs

Symptom Management
Covid vaccinations in children

Children age 12 and over who live with immunosuppressed people and young people age 16 and over are now eligible for vaccination

Vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VITT)

Signs, symptoms, when to refer and when to investigate in primary care

Symptom Management Triage and Treatment Vaccinations
HIV: Covid risks and vaccine advice

Covid risk and vaccine guidance for people living with HIV

Other conditions
Covid variants and vaccine effectiveness

An update on Variants of Concern and UK vaccine effectiveness data

Mental Health
Covid vaccine resources for patients

A list of resources including tools to aid discussions on risk:benefit including blood clotting risk

Covid-19 infection in people with diabetes

Specific advice for diabetic patients unwell with Covid-19

New onset diabetes

Covid-19 can trigger new-onset diabetes in previously healthy people

Children and Young People Diabetes Post-viral recovery Testing, Trials and Research

One of the largest Covid studies relevant to General Practice in the UK

Testing, Trials and Research
Learning Disability: Easy read guides for patients, face mask exemption cards, and resources for carers

Resources specifically designed to support people with learning difficulties during the pandemic

Mental Health Socially Vulnerable Groups
Wellbeing resources and support for students

Online, phone and email support to help students navigate the challenges of the Covid pandemic

Mental Health Socially Vulnerable Groups
Antigen testing

Lateral flow tests, PCR tests and when to test patients who don’t meet the case definition for Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccine research

NIHR is developing a consent for contact register

Testing, Trials and Research

The risks and benefits of feeding choices for women who may be infected with Covid-19

Children and Young People Women's Health
The Black and Asian family Covid-19 Helpline

Bolo: Barnardo s Covid-19 helpline and webchat for those 11+

Mental Health
Domestic Abuse

Household isolation instructions do not apply for patients escaping domestic abuse

Isolation and Social Distancing Mental Health Socially Vulnerable Groups Women's Health

Resources for patients and those supporting people who have been bereaved by Covid-19

Mental Health Palliative and end of life care
Online resources to support recovery from Covid-19

Information for patients on physical and emotional recovery

Mental Health Post-viral recovery
Clinical trial requires donated blood plasma

The NHS Blood and Transplant service request donations from people who have recovered from Covid-19

Testing, Trials and Research

Comprehensive and brief resources on post-viral fatigue and the boom and bust cycle

Post-viral recovery Symptom Management
Rehabilitation after Covid-19 infection

A website developed to support patients and their families

Post-viral recovery Respiratory Conditions
Post-Covid breathlessness Patient Support Line

The Post-Covid Hub has been set up by Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation

Post-viral recovery Respiratory Conditions
The Clinical Frailty Scale

NICE outlines the importance of the CFS in the context of the Covid outbreak

Brugada syndrome or Long QT syndrome

The care pathway is dependent on whether the patient has an ICD

Other conditions
Covid Symptom Tracker

Healthcare workers are using this nationwide so that their increased risk can be recorded

Testing, Trials and Research
When to take an antigen or antibody test for Covid-19

After a few days of illness the concentration of the virus falls

Testing, Trials and Research
NSAIDs and Covid-19

NSAIDs reduce acute symptoms (such as fever). Further evidence is needed regarding effect on long term Covid outcomes

Prescribing Symptom Management Triage and Treatment